Treat the source of learning difficulty.

Self-paced online exercises to accelerate reading and learning.

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Gemm Learning treats the cause of reading difficulty

Research validated

Our secret sauce is Fast ForWord software, validated in 240+ studies around the world. Study results match our experience -- 1-2 years of average reading gain in 4-6 months.

Online Dyslexia Programs Treating Cause of Problem

Practice makes perfect

The fastest and most reliable way to resolve the cognitive skill gaps that hold back reading and learning is targeted exercise. Our adaptive software provides that training.

Lifelong Learning From Dyslexia & Reading Software

Enduring results

Just like learning to ride a bike, the reading automaticity and learning efficiency gains of our program are lasting.

Online programs for reading, dyslexia, APD and ADHD.

  • Individualized Protocols

    After an assessment, we develop a personalized plan for all students -- 30-50 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week.

  • Professional Oversight

    Our remote professionals support you at home with calls, coaching, reports, online rewards and mailed certificates.

  • Adaptive Online Software

    Our self-paced exercises build cognitive -- processing, phonemic awareness, focus, working memory -- and reading and comprehension skills.

  • Individualized Protocols
    "I have seen a big improvement in all aspects of learning. Her reading and comprehension gains have been awesome. It's like an awakening!" Mandy O.2nd grader’s mother.
  • Professional Oversight
    "All of a sudden things are clicking for him. There are no signs of dyslexia now. His reading has taken off and there's no more homework stress." Marianne J.4th grader’s mother.
  • Self-Paced Online Software
    "His grades are off the charts and he is attentive in class now. And he is off his ADD meds. No question this program changed my son's life." Claire D.9th grader’s mother.

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Because our online programs for reading and learning improve functioning at a deep-seated and fundamental level, we are able to help more often than you might think.

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