Boy relaxed reading

"It's a night & day difference. He used to cry

at reading time, now he is willing and confident."

  - Michelle R., parent of 1st grader

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F.A.T. City Video Excerpts

Reading Out Loud

How the page looks to a struggling reader

Frustration. Anxiety. Tension. Rick Lavoie holds a class to show a group of teachers how the world looks from the struggling student's point of view. This is possibly the single most compelling video ever made to help parents see truly how difficult their child's day is.

Processing Answers In Class

This video explains how a child that needs time to process questions is at a huge disadvantage. Class can be a daily humiliation they must endure.

If you would like to buy the DVD, it is called "How Difficult Can This Be?: F.A.T. City Workshop." There have been a couple of follow-up DVD"s also. Here's an Amazon link to the first video: Amazon link to F.A.T. City DVD