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Test prep using cognitive & learning software.

 - Improve reading speed, accuracy & comprehension.
 - Boost test-taking skills for the big test.

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How Our Service Works

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Cognitive Approach To Test Prep

How Our Test Efficiency Program Works

If exercised appropriately the brain will integrate new skills in as little as two months. Improved underlying cognitive skills that will lead directly to higher scores. Our program is an intensive, fast-acting jolt that isolates and exercises a number of critical reading and test taking skills such as processing speed, memory and decoding speed.

How Our Service Works

The program works on three fronts, each one providing a discrete opportunity to boost SAT or ACT scores. It's a 30 minute a day protocol, five days a week. Here's the process:

  1. Assessment
    The first session assessment helps Gemm Learning develop an individualized protocol that works through a wide range of cognitive and reading skills, quickly isolating weaknesses that can be improved.

  2. Cognitive Training Starts
    The first phase works on processing, attention, memory and sequencing skills, using Fast ForWord Literacy, a science based program that helps build learning efficiency in these critical areas.

  3. Reading Skill Gaps Addressed
    We provide exercises in vocabulary, spelling, grammar, reading speed, reading comprehension, as required to improve reading skills on test day.

  4. Daily ACT/SAT Strategy And Content Questions
    Most often these question start concurrently with the cognitive program. Vocabulary, math and reading questions are sent to the student each day. The timing of the questions is managed so that they continue for 3 or 6 months, right up to test day.

Students work at home 30 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week with a dedicated Gemm program manager tracking progress through automatic Internet uploads. Your program manager is constantly in touch, moving the student through the program and answering questions. We also send weekly progress reports.

How Gemm Boosts Scores

Our program helps automate aspects of reading and learning that are already learned but slow the student down because they require concentration. By making these skills -- decoding, sequencing, processing -- automatic, reading comprehension is much improved as is test taking efficiency.

Our program is based on Fast ForWord software with these specific test skill targets:

  • Reading speed and comprehension. Fast and accurate decoding, and the ability to understand and draw inferences from the text are required competencies. 

  • Processing efficiency. We can build processing speed and improve retention with working memory exercises that help avoid time-consuming re-reading, and improve multiple choice efficiency.

  • Test taking stamina. We have exercises to improve attention stamina, strengthen focus and reduce careless errors, by improving working memory, so critical in multiple choice and in reading long passages.

  • Vocabulary and language. We build sophistication in vocabulary and metalinguistics -- dexterity with language -- for the upcoming college test and beyond.

  • If the essay portion is challenging, we have exercises that build the critical thinking and abstract reasoning skills that directly impact essay writing.

While test prep is more incremental, our program works at a fundamental level to produce real change. You never know what is possible -- and we are often surprised ourselves -- when underlying talents and skills are unlocked and a student is making the most of his or her natural smarts.
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