Managing the Summer Reading Slide for Less Than Enthusiastic Readers

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One of the most challenging aspects of the US education system for the 70% of children who don’t really love reading is the long summer break.  It can be a huge momentum stopper.  Despite all the best intentions in the world, it’s really hard to get an unwilling reader to read over summer when there are so many other “fun” activities competing for his/her time. And so they don’t read. He…


Recognizing Quality Brain-Based Learning Programs and Lessons

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As educators, we’re often asked by parents to weigh in on whether or not a program they are considering for their child, outside of the classroom, would be beneficial. Between the number of programs and products available and the changing views in education, it’s often challenging to know how to respond. For the same reasons, choosing the right programs to include as part of classroom instru…


Our Favorite Books and Recommendations

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As reading becomes easier, the desire to read usually increases.  When parents start to notice this transformation in their children, they often ask us to make book recommendations. Recently, one of our students asked for a list of Gemm Learning staff members’ favorite books. As I was compiling the list, I decided to share it with all of our Inside Learning readers.

Melissa is particularly f…


Brain Change and Potential for Growth

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At Gemm Learning we often refer to brain plasticity when speaking to families. It is the reason our software has been so effective as well as the inspiration for its creation. Miriam-Webster defines neuroplasticity or brain plasticity as the brain’s ability to adapt and change throughout life. This means that the capacity to learn is not static and that new pathways will form to adjust to cha…


What is the IDEA?

IDEA Gemm Learning

Our student population consists of many amazing children who live with varying degrees of learning difficulties. Recently, a number of parents have asked, “What is the I-D-E-A?” We generally explain that the IDEA is the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. It is a federal law that requires schools to provide for the educational needs of students with disabilities. As this law has a l…


The Importance of Movement for Students

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Melanie Toth is a former classroom teacher who co-authored Inspiring Active Learning: A Complete Handbook for Today’s Teachers. She has worked for several New York Learning Centers, including Gemm Learning in 2007. She teaches children’s yoga through Story Time and Munchkin and Me Yoga in New York along with several adult classes. I recently spoke with Melanie about the benefits of children’s yo…