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Understand Your Struggling Child’s World In These 4 Videos

learning videos

Your child is diagnosed with a learning issue or is struggling with reading.  Now what?  Most parents, including me, get this news and move immediately into fix it mode.

However, before you do that, it is worth taking the time to put yourself in your child’s shoes. Try to understand the world as he or she sees it.  For me, coming to that understanding was a life-changing event.  It frigh…


Why Numeracy Matters More Than Math Grades

numeracy skills

Is your child doing OK in math but does not seem comfortable with numbers?  Does he have the foundational numeracy skills needed for a range of academic paths and eventual careers?  And if not, is the school teaching your child numeracy or has it moved on?

These are important questions. Numeracy is a key skill, not quite as critical as literacy, but certainly a life-skill you would want you…


‘Spring Forward’ May Equal ‘Fall Back’ for Students with Learning Difficulties

Spring forward

Is it Spring Fever, Spring Forward, or Something Else?

The onset of spring is a time when both children and adults alike typically feel regenerated and have more energy. Most are just itching to enjoy all the outdoor activities that the winter months have curtailed, and they often manage routine tasks more readily and with greater ease when the promise of beautiful spring weather beckons.


9 Surprising Clues Of Dyslexia in Children

Recognizing dyslexia in children

Are you worried your child’s slow start to reading might indicate dyslexia?

Is your older child struggling with reading, but you are not sure how serious it is?

Should you act now or will your child’s reading difficulties most likely resolve naturally?

We all know the key to helping dyslexia in children is early and intensive intervention.  If you can treat it early — in elementary …


How A Testimonials Page Helped A Business Land Its Marketing Chief

A handwritten testimonial sent to Gemm Learning.

As the conclusion of my marketing consulting agreement with a global telecom company approached, I began searching for my next opportunity. Like many business executives heading into a transition, I began by taking stock of my career and re-examining my goals. It quickly became clear after two decades in wireless, telecom and technology, I wanted a change.

Twenty years have come and gone in a …


How Music Can Help Auditory Processing Disorder 

Music shows promising benefits for treating APD.

Music’s Role In Stimulating Processing & Creating New Neural Connections
Music has long been used as a therapeutic tool to alter mood and moderate emotion for both children and adults, but it is only recently that scientists have started to explore the physiological benefits that listening to and playing music can provide, and specifically how music helps auditory processing, the most fundame…