Brain Change and Potential for Growth

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At Gemm Learning we often refer to brain plasticity when speaking to families. It is the reason our software has been so effective as well as the inspiration for its creation. Neuroplasticity or brain plasticity is defined by Miriam-Webster as the brain’s ability to adapt and change throughout life. This means that the capacity to learn is not static and that new pathways can be formed to adju…


What is the IDEA?

IDEA Gemm Learning

Our student population consists of many amazing children who live with varying degrees of learning difficulties. Recently, a number of parents have asked, “What is the I-D-E-A?” We generally explain that the IDEA is the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. It is a federal law that requires schools to provide for the educational needs of students with disabilities. As this law has a l…


The Importance of Movement for Students

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Melanie Toth is a former classroom teacher who co-authored Inspiring Active Learning: A Complete Handbook for Today’s Teachers. She has worked for several New York Learning Centers, including Gemm Learning in 2007. She teaches children’s yoga through Story Time and Munchkin and Me Yoga in New York along with several adult classes. I recently spoke with Melanie about the benefits of children’s yo…


Reading Resolutions for 2017

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As the New Year approaches and holiday excitement starts to decrease, it’s common to make resolutions for the coming year. However, most are typically abandoned shortly afterwards and involve food, exercise, or career goals. While these types of resolutions can be beneficial, setting reading or educational goals can often be more practical. And they may lead to improved attitudes about learnin…


Persistence Overcomes Academic Challenges: Georgia’s Story

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As parents, we all hope our children will be able to avoid too many academic challenges. Georgia’s mom began having concerns when her daughter was around 4 ½ years old. As she worked to help prepare Georgia for school, she noticed her daughter had a limited vocabulary and was unable to remember things. Their pediatrician didn’t seem concerned and suggested that the school would test her, if…


An Audiologist’s Insight Part II

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Gemm Learning provides learning programs that assist with the underlying causes of many reading struggles. Our primary program, Fast ForWord, focuses on auditory processing, sequencing, memory and attention skills.

The following is a continuation of our interview posted on November 16, 2016. It includes Dr. Lynn Sirow’s insight on hearing aids and assisted listening devices as well as recent …