The Gemm Recipe for Success: Hard Work, Timely Support, the Right Programs

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There are three recurring themes in most Gemm Learning success stories.

Students work hard.
Program managers deliver exceptional service.
Students are in the right programs at the right time.

Obviously the powerful science behind our software plays a role.  However, Fast ForWord software is like a piece of excellent gym equipment – it can make a real difference, but requires monit…


Could Your Child Benefit From a Psychological Assessment?

Interview APD assessment interventions


I recently spoke with Dr. Nancie Spector about psychological assessments, the behaviors that indicate an evaluation might be necessary, therapy, and other helpful interventions. As providers of Fast ForWord, a common intervention for children with language or auditory processing struggles, we are always interested in learning more about how to help all students.

Dr. Spector is a chi…


Making Summer Reading More Engaging

non fiction reading, summer olympics

Part 2 of our Beat the Summer Reading Blues Series: Nonfiction Reading

Nonfiction reading matters. It’s important for students to read and write about real people and events. Furthermore, the amount of nonfiction reading in the classroom increases with each new year after 2nd grade. And the ability to draw meaning from these texts is essential to learning required information, especially in s…


A 75 Year Old Overcomes Her Lifelong Struggle With Dyslexia

Adult Literacy Gemm Learning Case Study

For most of her life, Sandy was only able to read at a 4th grade level. She considered herself “almost a nonreader” as a result.  She didn’t enjoy reading. Though to her credit, she always worked hard at it. She sought alternative activities where extensive reading wasn’t a necessity. Despite her struggles with adult literacy, Sandy earned a degree in home economics. She ran her own s…


Concerned Your Child Has APD and Not Sure What To Do Next?

Interview APD assessment interventions

Dr. Donna Geffner recently spoke with Gemm Learning about auditory processing disorders, the APD assessment process, and programs that can benefit learners with language challenges.

Dr. Geffner is a speech-language pathologist and audiologist with more than 40 years of experience in the field. She founded the graduate and undergraduate programs in speech and hearing at St. John’s University a…


Michael Merzenich Wins the Kavli Prize

michael merzenich is a neuroscience pioneer

Michael Merzenich, co-founder of Fast ForWord, has won the $1 million Kavli Prize in Neuroscience. The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, which administers the prize, announced earlier this month that Merzenich and two other researchers are being honored this year for their work on neuroplasticity.

Merzenich, along with Eve Marder and Carla Shatz, challenged the assumption that the bra…