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What it takes to raise an enthusiastic lifelong learner

Choosing The Right Summer Reading Strategy For Your Child

Just righting books are steps to reading proficiency

Inspire, Engage or Intervene?  It Depends on Your Child.
The steps to reading proficiency are small, but many, over several years.  Parents play two key roles in helping their children navigate these steps: (1) maintaining momentum year in year out, and (2) ensuring a positive connection to reading.  Without a love of reading the path to reading proficiency is long and troubled, and so above a…


You Can’t Love Learning If You’re Not Good At It

student girl studying at school

No question, learning needs to be lifelong obsession.  A love of learning is crucial to life and career success.

In today’s world, everything your new graduate needs to know is on his phone, on his computer, at his finger tips.  Knowledge is no longer a difference maker as everybody has instantaneous access to knowledge.

It’s how you filter that knowledge and what you do with it that ma…


Parent Guide to PARCC and PISA


As the debate rages over how best to improve American educational outcomes, two important acronyms come up a lot — PARCC and PISA.  Here is a quick explanation of both.

What is PARCC?
The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is a test developed by the learning conglomerate, Pearson. It attempts to measure higher-order learning as required by the Common Core…


Lessons from the John Dewey HS Grade Fixing Scandal

grade fixing at dewey

One of the saddest stories to come out of the schools in a long while is the recent grade fixing scandal at John Dewey High School in NY.

Dewey’s graduation rate had improved significantly under the four-year tenure of Principal Kathleen Elvin. In 2009, the graduation rate was 56 percent, climbing steadily to 74 percent last year.

This is important.  There are cash bonuses for rising gr…


Lifelong Learning, The Essential Life & Career Skill


The Internet has changed everything.

This is not news.  However the people driving educational policy have yet to receive the memo.  Schools still insist on measuring outcomes based on knowledge, not learning goals.

In a world where knowledge is freely available and at everyone’s fingertips, the difference maker in our change-addicted world is how you absorb and apply knowledge, partic…


The Most Likely Reason Your Child Hates Reading

automaticity in reading

The key to confident reading is automaticity
Think how many accidents would occur if riding a bike required thinking about constantly moving the pedals in a steady clockwise motion and where to move the hands to constantly steer and adjust balance.

A mind that needed to focus on these actions would be over-loaded, possibly missing upcoming obstacles, and exhausted, leading to mistakes. Riding …