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Why You Should Focus On Improving Your Child’s Auditory Processing

Focus on auditory processing deficit

When a child has reading or learning difficulties, parents are quick to seek solutions including tutoring, extra reading instruction and/or an IEP at school.  However, with a little more investigation, it  may be possible to identify the underlying source of difficulty with the goal of finding a treatment to resolve or minimize the impact of those underlying delays once and for all.

And i…


6 Facts Every Parent Of A Dyslexic Child Should Know

Facts for helping your dyslexic child

Helping your dyslexic child comes down to a choice between trying to beat the dyslexia, teaching coping strategies or a bit of both.  Before spending a lot of money and effort on tutoring (coping) or treatments (beating dyslexia) you should first make sure you understand what you are up against.  Here are some key facts to focus on.

You are probably aware by now that dyslexia refers to an u…


Living With Dyslexia – Essay by Alexis

Jounrney with dyslexia is a long road

Alexis is not about to let dyslexia stop her from her dream of being a veterinarian.  Here is her essay:

My name is Alexis S. and I found out that I had dyslexia when I was in third grade. I have always had a hard time reading and writing, and feel behind in class often when I was little.

Growing up with this disability was hard but it taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to. Th…


Living With Dyslexia — Essay From Kathleen

Jounrney with dyslexia is a long road

My name is Kathleen S. and I am currently attending West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Having dyslexia has helped me to persevere and have empathy for others. On a personal level, being dyslexic has made me very determined to succeed.

I have found that I tend to work harder when people tell me that I can’t do things as well as others. I was once told that I would never be able to lear…


The 10 Scariest Things About Teaching Your Child To Read


Learning to read is a high stakes road that can be fraught with difficulty.  This list of the 10 scariest things about the journey to reading proficiency is a good reminder for parents of the conflicting goals and opinions that need to be managed along the way.
#1. Every Child Has A Different “Ready To Read” Age
Forcing a child to read too early could turn them off for life.  Not engaging a …


My Journey With Dyslexia — Essay

Jounrney with dyslexia is a long road

By Clara K.
I was born at a time when teachers did not believe in learning disabilities. Instead, they tended to have only three classifications for students: smart, average and dumb. I generally fell into the last category. I attribute this achievement to several lessons I learned while dealing with my dyslexia.

My first lesson I learned was that school can be lonely. From the beginning I h…