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My Journey With Dyslexia — Essay

Jounrney with dyslexia is a long road

By Clara K.
I was born at a time when teachers did not believe in learning disabilities. Instead, they tended to have only three classifications for students: smart, average and dumb. I generally fell into the last category. I attribute this achievement to several lessons I learned while dealing with my dyslexia.

My first lesson I learned was that school can be lonely. From the beginning I h…


Dyslexia Again — Living With Dyslexia Essay


By Phoebe K
Learning to live with my dyslexia has been a long journey and I have learned a lot about myself as a student as well as a person along the way. When my mother first learned that I would have more difficulty learning how to spell than my siblings, she tried to help me learn by having me write out the most common words in the English language every day, making me rewrite each one that…


12 Compelling Reasons To Try Fast ForWord For Your Child


Fast ForWord software, and more recently the Fast ForWord app for the iPad, has been a leader in reading and cognitive learning software for 15+ years.

There is still a lack of familiarity, even skepticism, with the underlying science, i.e., that new neural pathways can be created — neuroplasticity — and that those new pathways directly improve reading and learning abilities. However, Fast …


How Technology Is Changing Treatments For Dyslexia

Technology is changing treatments for dyslexia

The two most well known advances in technology related to dyslexia are coping tools — Dragon Naturally Speaking dictation software and the Livescribe smartpen which records lectures and photographs notes to facilitate note taking.  However, a far more profound use of technology is occurring in treatments for dyslexia. The improved processing power of computers is providing the adaptivity and…


Living With Dyslexia College Scholarship Winner July 2015

Celebration Education Graduation Student Success Learning Concept

Winning Essay: Living With Dyslexia Scholarship
by Julia McGehean
As a child, in total frustration, I would throw my reading books across the room. I loved the stories but hated the text. I sought out others to read to me and listened to books on tape. This behavior contrasted testing in the 99th percentile in both verbal and quantitative skills and being placed in the advanced math and the gift…


The One Question You Should Ask With A Dyslexia Diagnosis

When a learning evaluation turns up dyslexia, many people stop. They recognize the dyslexia label. That is their headline.  However, these evaluations often include other issues.  Some of these are symptoms, but among them may be the underlying source of the dyslexia, the clue to future treatment options.

The question is, which one?

In medicine, using x-rays, virus tests, etc., most diag…