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What It’s Like Having Auditory Processing Disorder

Child with learning difficulties

You’ve probably had the frustrating experience of trying to carry on a conversation over a cell phone with weak reception. Words or even entire sentences get cut out. Sounds get jumbled together. Static intrudes into the conversation. Sometimes, with some work, you can use context to piece together the bits of speech that got cut off. Other times, you guess wrong or you just don’t have any idea …


How to Explain Neuroplasticity to Your Mom

Neuroplasticity is all the rage these days. The scientific consensus on what exactly the human brain is capable of — based on growing evidence linking neuroplasticity and learning growth — has been turned upside down over the last couple decades.

According to psychiatrist and bestselling author Norman Doidge, “Everything having to do with human training and education has to be re-examined…


How Brain Plasticity Improves Dyslexia Treatments

It’s well known that the human brain remains ‘plastic’ throughout life, which means it has the ability to adapt and create new neural pathways. Brain plasticity is the brain’s capacity to form new connections.  This development is leading to exciting new ideas for brain plasticity and dyslexia research.

In a practical sense, brain plasticity means that specific areas of the brain ca…


Why You Should Focus On Improving Your Child’s Auditory Processing

Focus on auditory processing deficit

When a child has reading or learning difficulties, parents are quick to seek solutions including tutoring, extra reading instruction and/or an IEP at school.  However, with a little more investigation, it  may be possible to identify the underlying source of difficulty with the goal of finding a treatment to resolve or minimize the impact of those underlying delays once and for all.

And i…


6 Facts Every Parent Of A Dyslexic Child Should Know

Facts for helping your dyslexic child

Helping your dyslexic child comes down to a choice between trying to beat the dyslexia, teaching coping strategies or a bit of both.  Before spending a lot of money and effort on tutoring (coping) or treatments (beating dyslexia) you should first make sure you understand what you are up against.  Here are some key facts to focus on.

You are probably aware by now that dyslexia refers to an u…


Living With Dyslexia – Essay by Alexis

Jounrney with dyslexia is a long road

Alexis is not about to let dyslexia stop her from her dream of being a veterinarian.  Here is her essay:

My name is Alexis S. and I found out that I had dyslexia when I was in third grade. I have always had a hard time reading and writing, and feel behind in class often when I was little.

Growing up with this disability was hard but it taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to. Th…