A 75 Year Old Overcomes Her Lifelong Struggle With Dyslexia

Adult Literacy Gemm Learning Case Study

For most of her life, Sandy was only able to read at a 4th grade level. She considered herself “almost a nonreader” as a result.  She didn’t enjoy reading. Though to her credit, she always worked hard at it. She sought alternative activities where extensive reading wasn’t a necessity. Despite her struggles with adult literacy, Sandy earned a degree in home economics. She ran her own s…


Concerned Your Child Has APD and Not Sure What To Do Next?

Interview APD assessment

Dr. Donna Geffner recently spoke with Gemm Learning about auditory processing disorders, the APD assessment process, and programs that can benefit learners with language challenges.

Dr. Geffner is a speech-language pathologist and audiologist with more than 40 years of experience in the field. She founded the graduate and undergraduate programs in speech and hearing at St. John’s University a…


Michael Merzenich Wins the Kavli Prize

michael merzenich is a neuroscience pioneer

Michael Merzenich, co-founder of Fast ForWord, has won the $1 million Kavli Prize in Neuroscience. The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, which administers the prize, announced earlier this month that Merzenich and two other researchers are being honored this year for their work on neuroplasticity.

Merzenich, along with Eve Marder and Carla Shatz, challenged the assumption that the bra…


4 Ways To Beat The Summer Reading Blues

summer reading blues

For a lot of students, being asked to read during time off from school can feel like a punishment or nuisance, causing summer reading blues. But summer vacation actually provides a wonderful opportunity to explore different types of literature and purposes for reading. It might even be the perfect time to help your child develop a love of reading or inspire a frustrated learner.

In class, ass…


Understand Your Struggling Child’s World In These 4 Videos

learning videos

Your child is diagnosed with a learning issue or is struggling with reading.  Now what?  Most parents, including me, get this news and move immediately into fix it mode.

However, before you do that, it is worth taking the time to put yourself in your child’s shoes. Try to understand the world as he or she sees it.  For me, coming to that understanding was a life-changing event.  It frigh…


Why Numeracy Matters More Than Math Grades

numeracy skills

Good math grades indicate your child is able to pass math tests.  Nothing more.  A bigger question is this:”Is your child building a true understanding of numbers?”

Many American students, as we outline below, are not building math fluency. The need to cover an ever-expanding math curriculum is squeezing out time spent exercising and perfecting basic math skills.
Numeracy Skills vs Math Gr…