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Lessons from the John Dewey HS High Stakes Testing Scandal

The Unintended Consequences of High Stakes Testing
Lessons from the grade fixing scandal at John Dewey High School, NY
One of the saddest stories to come out of the schools in a long while is the recent grade fixing scandal at John Dewey High School in NY.

Dewey’s graduation rate had improved significantly under the four-year tenure of Principal Kathleen Elvin. In 2009, the graduation rate …

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With Early Reading, Go Slow To Go Fast

How to Handle a “My Baby Can Read” World
One of the most insidious trends in education today is the growing intensity of early reading instruction and baby reading software. The logic is the earlier your child starts reading the soon he will master it. Plus, what’s the harm, most young children do really well when confronted with a specialized skill?

There are two serious flaws in this thinkin…

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Why Schools Are Avoiding The Dyslexia Label

Words Matter When It Comes To Dyslexia
One of the most unfortunate words in the English language is “dyslexia.”  It is used to scare parents, to threaten schools, to label kids, all of which are problems enough.  However, the bigger problem with the term dyslexia is that, as used in common parlance, it does not exist!

Dyslexia is a description of reading skills, best defined by Dr. …

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3 Day Fast ForWord Protocol Research

Research Briefing
A new 3-day a week, 30 minute a day protocol was added to Fast ForWord software last month.  This makes the program much more accessible for busy families and for children who struggle with the rigor of the 5 day a week routine.

Scientific Learning, the founders of Fast ForWord software, are nothing if not thorough and dedicated to sound science and positive outcomes for their…

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The Educational Goal Posts Are Moving

Is your child moving with them?
It used to be that all educational goals related to acquiring knowledge.  Scientia potestas est, knowledge is power.  There is even a charter schoo…

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Examining Medical and Natural ADD Remedies

The Brave New World of ADD Therapies
ADD Treatment Can Be a Drug Free Zone

For several decades ADD has been trea…

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