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Why Schools Are Avoiding The Dyslexia Label

schools avoiding dyslexia diagnosis

One of the most unfortunate words in the English language is “dyslexia.”  It is used to scare parents, to threaten schools, to label kids, all of which are problems enough.  However, the bigger problem with the term dyslexia is that, as used in common parlance, it does not exist!

Dyslexia is a description of reading skills, best defined by Dr. Sally Shaywitz in Overcoming Dyslexia as “an …


Our Spring 2014 Dyslexia Scholarship

Announcing the Spring 2014 winner of our $1000 scholarship: Melissa Shoff. Congratulations, Melissa, and thank you for sharing your experiences of overcoming dyslexia!
This season, students have inspired us with their stories of overcoming the obstacles caused by dyslexia. Our Spring 2014 essay contest entrants not only perform well in school but also manage to thrive academically, fostering a lo…


How to Get Your Dyslexic Child to Love Reading

Let’s face it. Dyslexia makes reading tough on kids, parents, and teachers, and a lot of us don’t know what to do. There’s plenty of dyslexia reading strategies and resources out there, but how do you know which is best for your child?

The answer is simple. Find out what your child loves, and encourage that passion. She wants to learn about what interests her, so it’s essential that yo…


Ending the Biggest Dyslexia Myth

metalinguistics matter

An enduring myth in the world of  learning is that the primary cause of dyslexia is delays in visual processing, mainly because the classic symptom of dyslexia is switching of b’s and d’s which on its surface appears to be a vision issue.

Scientists have known for many years however that the reason dyslexics switch letter sounds is not that they mix them up visually, it is that they hea…


What Dyslexia is Not

Whenever a child has difficulty in school, many questions cross a  parent’s mind: is my child’s intelligence below? Is there a medical problem?

When parents think of dyslexia, they often have concerns on both fronts, i..e, that dyslexia is related to IQ and that it is some kid of medical condition, like a virus.

That’s why it’s important to understand what dyslexia is and what dyslexi…


Celebrate Dyslexia or Seek Help?


While we would always recommend getting help for  dyslexia when it is indicated, there are reasons to celebrate dyslexia. To overcome the day-to-day challenges of being dyslexic, other areas of the brain start to become more active.

For example, dyslexic children often become more creative at solving problems. If you pose a problem to him, he’ll most likely think outside the box to answer th…