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A Gemm Learning Fast ForWord Success Story

Progress Report
“My daughter is doing great in school. She still has some signs of auditory processing disorder — she still needs instructions explained in more detail–  but is showing great  improvement. Her confidence continues to increase, this year I spend less time with her on homework.  She is now showing a great pride in her homework assignments and testing without me having to ride h…

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Gemm Offers Brainware Safari

A New Cognitive Workout
Gemm Learning was an early adopter of Brainware Safari in 2006. However, the program’s monitoring and analytical tools weren’t quite ready to match our customer service needs. Those issues have been resolved and we are thrilled to offer this amazing program with the same Program Manager guidance that we are able to offer our Fast ForWord students. As always, with any Gemm p…

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When My Professional Life Became Personal

My Fast ForWord Success Story
For years I had watched my nephew, Sean, block his ears in my car when I turned on a book on cd. He would grab his personal cd player and turn his music up so he would not have to listen the narration. I often wondered why he had such an aversion to my listening library. When I asked him, he replied, “Auntie, I just don’t like it. It bothers my ears.” I wondered…

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Avoiding Kid Burnout

Why Is Our Education System Failing?
Tom Friedman, New York Times reporter, wrote an interesting article recently about how American students are among the highest in the world in 4th grade, but by 10th grade they are 25th in the OECD. He goes into theories about charter schools and money and teachers, but how about this?

1/ American kids don’t want it as much. This is Clayton Christenson’s idea…

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