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Adopted Russian Child Gets “Clicking!”

One of the best uses of our program, Fast ForWord, is reinforcing or teaching the sounds of English.  In fact, in Asia, this is how Fast ForWord is used, to help English language learners. 

This child was born in Russia, and so heard Russian, not English in the first three years of life, when language and learning skills are developed.  Not surprisingly he has had auditory processing difficult…

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Reading Progress For ELL Student

This 7th grader had difficulties in reading comprehension in particular, but was struggling all around.  English is her second language, adding to her difficulties.  We received this brief email, three months after program completion:

“We definitely see her progress. Emily reads faster and her comprehension is much better. She can read 50 pages in one day. Before this was not possible.”

Jol K…

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Help for English Language Learner

We received this feedback today from a family where English is not spoken at home.  The mother speaks very little English.  And so for this child, our Fast ForWord program which is increasingly used by ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)  has been a wonderful addition to this family’s life:

“I couldn’t be more excited to see the how my son is learning and improving, not only in s…

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