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How Neuroplasticity Was Discovered

One of the most significant researchers on neuroplasticity was Michael Merzenich. Back in the early 1970s, he discovered this by running some very specific studies in the laboratory.


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The Brain Activity Map Project vs. Online Reading Programs

It’s exciting that we have much to look forward to with President Obama’s Brain Activity Map Project that will discover more about the circuitry of the human brain. It’s difficult…

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Disliking School and Losing Confidence: The Matthew Effect and Your Child

Somewhere between second and fourth grade, parents and teachers begin to observe a very noticeable difference among kids when it comes to both their academic performance and their feel…

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Is Cognitive Training for Real?

Can video and online brain training games really make you smarter? This is the question that David Hambrick, associate professor of psychology at Michigan State University, poses in a r…

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Is It Inattentive ADD or Auditory Processing Disorder?

Why It’s Probably Not ADD
Just because there’s a drug for it does not mean that ADD is a disease or disability.  Actually, it’s not a disability.  It’s a description of behavio…

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FAQ: Do I Need a Clinician For Fast ForWord At Home?

Frequently Asked Questions
“I have heard that I need a clinician for Fast ForWord.  If I work with Gemm, who will monitor my son’s program?”

Many clinicians utilize Fast ForWord within their practices because it is an extremely effective learning intervention. For many years, Fast ForWord was primarily used by clinicians and it became  the first choice for many Speech and Language Patholog…

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