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How to Tell the Difference Between Vision Problems and Dyslexia

Does your child have trouble reading? It’s important that you don’t assume what the problem. Dyslexia and vision issues are different, and they each require specialized treatment. Check…

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Neuroplasticity: Helping Struggling Readers, Stroke Patients and More

Once you know about the concept of neuroplasticity, you can talk about it at the next luncheon with your friends. It’s pretty exciting, it’s the latest theory, and it’s the reason…

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Why Your Child Should Start Fast ForWord™ as Soon as Possible

By the time your child gets to early adulthood, some areas of his brain are already fully matured.  This is why your intuition is absolutely correct when you feel it’s so important t…

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Study Shows that Fast ForWord for Adults Can Rehabilitate the Elderly

Fast ForWord for Adults
A newly published study reported by Science Daily shows that Fast ForWord for adults was able to improve attention and cognitive skills not only immediately afte…

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FAQ: Do I Need a Clinician For Fast ForWord At Home?

Frequently Asked Questions
“I have heard that I need a clinician for Fast ForWord.  If I work with Gemm, who will monitor my son’s program?”

Many clinicians utilize Fast ForWord within their practices because it is an extremely effective learning intervention. For many years, Fast ForWord was primarily used by clinicians and it became  the first choice for many Speech and Language Patholog…

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Update Fast ForWord Software? Why Mess With Success?

A friend of ours recently relayed a criticism of the Fast ForWord software program in business circles:

“It has not been updated since the mid-1990s when it was launched!  In a world …

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