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Fast ForWord Online Available from Gemm Learning

Gemm Learning Launches Web Based Version of Fast ForWord
Anytime, anywhere access improves convenience for students of diverse ages and abilities
With one click, parents working from home can now have instant access the Fast ForWord family of educational software products via the Internet.

Using innovative technology, based on more than 30 years of brain research, Fast ForWord accelerates le…

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A baseball lesson for struggling learners

Resolve Underlying Issues To Enable Long Term Success
Fix core issues, rather than tutor symptoms
There are two ways to help a child with a broken wrist learn to hit a baseball:

Instruct. Tell him how to keep his eye on the ball, to step into the swing, etc.

Fix the broken wrist! 

Both will help, and of course, both are needed.
Meanwhile, in learning, while 10-15% of all children l…

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Are ADD Drugs Always A Bad Idea?

Ritalin Gone Wrong?
There is a  must read article for any parent with a child on ADD medicine in today’s NY Times by L. Alan Sroufe, a behavioral psychologist. 

He makes the case that parents should rethink using drugs to solve a short term focus issue at school. The article makes the case that there is no medical evidence that these drugs meet any chemical imbalance in the brain — as man…

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Does Fast ForWord Require Clinician Oversight?

Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions
Question #5.  I have heard that only clinicians can monitor Fast ForWord.  If I work with Gemm Learning, who will monitor my son’s program? 

Many clinicians utilize Fast ForWord within their practices as it is an extremely effective reading and dyslexia treatment, and learning intervention. 

However, Fast ForWord was originally designed to be used indep…

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Does Educational Software At Home Work?

A recent NY Times’ article on how students at virtual schools are lagging is worth exploring.  First, why this is not surprising, and secondly, why these forces at work here are not relevant to our Fast ForWord cognitive software service with remote coaching.

The New York Times article states that only 27% of virtual schools have students that achieved “adequate yearly progress,” the key fed…

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Is Fast ForWord for real?

Ten Most Commonly Asked Questions
Question #3: Has Fast ForWord been scientifically proven to be effective? 

Fast ForWord is the most tested educational program of its kind.  Our program is based in neuroscience, not traditional teaching methods.  Forty thousand students have participated in formal trials. 

There are more than 700 white papers and countless articles and reports.  Examples c…

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