adult learning help

Help For Adult Learners

Improved learning is possible at any age

Yes, learning issues are harder to resolve in later life.

But, because the brain is plastic, the window to improved reading, processing and test taking is open at any age.

And yes, because many difficulties — dyslexia, listening issues, lack of focus — have the same source, weak processing, gains are not only possible, they are expected.

What Learning Issues Look Like

Over time, adults tend to make allowances for the learning issues. They know to limit conversations in noisy rooms, typically do not read much, and accept that they will struggle to comprehend complex text.

Even more serious, learning deficits also impact test taking, often blocking career progress by making exams a real challenge.

Treatment Options

Most adults live with learning issues, wrongly assuming that if their schools were unable to help them, nothing can.

They are wrong about that. The schools were ineffective because they did not directly address the underlying issues square on. Word lists, tutors, sitting at the front of the class are all coping strategies only.

Advances in neuroscience now make it possible to go after these underlying delays particularly with respect to reading and test taking.

Using Fast ForWord for adults we provide monitored home-based programs for adult auditory processing and adult dyslexia.