Autism Treatment

Adaptive brain training online with professional oversight

Our neuroscience-based autism treatment targets the processing delays at the heart of the autism diagnosis. We combine proven brain-training software with professional oversight and involvement.

treatment for autism onlineWe almost always make a difference, sometimes profound, because our software interacts with the brain in a way designed to stimulate new neural pathways, new brain function. We help autistic children with:

  • Language
  • Social interaction
  • Reading
  • Attention

Now Available At Home
Our online autism treatment allows parents to act as coaches for their autistic children at home, with remote professional oversight. We monitor your child daily, call regularly and report weekly.

Individualized Programs
Every child is different. The software will adapt and create an individualized path through the program, at your child’s pace. In addition, we select exercises and regimens that set your child up for success.

The Science

The strategies and thinking around treating autism have been changed dramatically by this discovery by Fast ForWord founder, Dr. Michael Merzenich:

Autistic children make the same errors in language and reading as higher functioning children, they just make more of them.

This is an important new way to think about autism treatment.  If a program like Fast ForWord can help struggling readers, then it should also be able to help autistic children?

Intensity To Rewire Thinking and Learning
The key to Fast ForWord is its ability to interact with the user with precision, responding to correct answers with tiny increments in speed and complexity, pulling the student up to ever higher levels of capability.  This intensity, where every click counts, goes beyond what is possible in one-on-one teaching.
How the autism software works

Efficacy of Our Program

brain based autism treatmentBehaviors and learning difficulties related to autism vary widely. And therefore program outcomes and definitions of success vary widely. That being said, the anecdotal success of Fast ForWord for autistic children has created real interest in our program. We have had some wonderful feedback from our families.
Testimonials from our parents

While autism is a challenging diagnosis, the adaptive nature of Fast ForWord — its ability to exercise at the margin of cognitive function — is creating a powerful new potential intervention for this population.

Find Out If We Can Help
Our treatment cannot help autism in every case. However, we are able to make a real, and sometimes profound, difference more often than you might think. To find out if we can help your child call for a free consult or contact us here.