Dyslexia Treatment at Home

A One-Time Program That Helps Dyslexia At All Ages

Dyslexia is caused by cognitive skills delays. It need not be permanent, however. Just as you can train physical skills, cognitive skills will respond to exercise. This is what makes our online dyslexia treatment effective.

Most readers acquire the language processing skills needed for reading, including phonemic awareness, through daily language interaction, i.e., through listening. Their auditory processing skills mature and their reading improves, naturally.   For dyslexic children however, these everyday interactions are not enough.  They need more opportunities to practice language processing.  This is where our dyslexia treatment helps. It adds more language exercise into each day, more chances to develop these lagging skills that cause dyslexia.

Our online software presents a range of intensive sound and language-based exercises.  Each exercise targets one or more of the cognitive or reading delays experienced by dyslexic children. Because cognitive skills, like physical skills, can be improved at all ages, this approach to dyslexia can help dyslexics of all ages. By working on these skill delays — such as processing, attention, working memory, sequencing — individually and collectively, our goal is permanently resolve or reduce dyslexia symptoms in just a few months.

In addition to the power that comes from the 30+ years of science behind our dyslexia intervention, Gemm Learning students benefit from:

  • Individualized protocols to meet your child’s needs and goals
  • Engaging, self-paced software exercises
  • Caring oversight and guidance from remote professionals

The Primary Target Is Language Processing

While dyslexia is a reading disorder, most dyslexic children also have receptive language processing difficulties.  These deficits can show up in speech delays in early life and/or receptive language (listening), working memory, word retrieval and/or naming difficulties in later years. This is why dyslexia is now known to be a language-based learning disability.  And therefore, this is how most clinicians treat dyslexia nowadays, as a language processing deficit.

Our Reading Software for Dyslexia

Our primary dyslexia intervention is Fast ForWord software.  Fast ForWord interacts with the language centers of the brain, to resolve these language processing difficulties. It also targets related skills gaps almost always present where there are language processing delays, including phonological awareness, working memory, attention and sequencing.

Our dyslexia treatment is an individualized sequence of software exercises organized into programs, each of which has a specific learning goal. The first programs work on the language and cognitive foundations of reading and learning. Later programs turn to improving reading fluency, vocabulary, spelling and reading comprehension.

The software’s adaptive, rapid-fire interactive exercises build in speed and complexity at the student’s own pace.

dyslexia treatment at home2+ million students in 42 countries

#1 ranked dyslexia treatment240+ language, reading and dyslexia studies worldwide

individualized treatment for dyslexiaPre- and post-fMRI imaging shows positive improvements

The Window To New Learning Is Always Open

treatment for children with dyslexiaFor many years it was thought the brain was hardwired and that there was no way to resolve a learning disability like dyslexia.

Then in the late 1970’s several scientists (Hubel, Weisel, Merzenich) discovered neuroplasticity, the capacity of the brain to change its structure and function through experience and training. This ability  to rewire was confirmed in  the 1990’s with the invention of the fMRI  — pre- and post-test imaging showed that dyslexic brains could indeed change in response to dyslexia treatment.

Consequently, we now know that learning outcomes in early life are not final. The window for improvement remains open throughout life.  Our online dyslexia treatment at home, using Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant, taps into this opportunity.

Dyslexia Treatment Steps

The phonological processing delays that cause dyslexia impair listening skills.  Karen Foli compares it to listening to sound through water.  This muddiness in language processing impedes development of phonemic awareness, the essential reading skill.  If your child does not phonemic awareness, reading has almost no chance of becoming automatic.

The brain is constantly trying to self-improve (Merzenich, 2004). At some point though, if the brain cannot hear phonemes, reading growth will stall. And so it will improvise, the most common work-around being word list memorization.  Eventually though, these work-arounds reach their natural limits.  Either there are too many words to remember or the concentration required to read this way leads to slow reading or exhaustion.  As a result, reading progress stalls often leading to a  dyslexia diagnosis.

Aiming To Be A One-Time Program

Many responses to dyslexia are coping mechanisms, not solutions. This includes tutoring, tinted dyslexia glasses, extra reading lessons at school, etc.  Our dyslexia treatment is very different.  It is not a band-aid.

Instead, our exercises lead the brain away from work-arounds and towards a phonological-based reading method that leads eventually to reading proficiency.  Once the brain is processing language more accurately, it will use these improved language inputs to read more normally, more efficiently, with automaticity. Our approach has three steps:
Pyramid showing dyslexia treatment in steps

  1. Target The Underlying Causes
    Students make hundreds of clicks every day to exercise the cognitive skills that cause dyslexia,  This includes processing speed, working memory, attention and sequencing skills. The software adds speed and complexity at the student’s pace, gradually pulling the brain up to ever higher ability levels.
  2. Make Reading Easier & More Fluent
    Fluent reading requires language dexterity — sound grammar, vocabulary, word analysis and spelling skills — which we address 4-8 weeks in.
  3. Accelerate Reading Comprehension
    The latter stages of our dyslexia treatment programs focus on improving reading comprehension with critical and inferential thinking.

All pre- and post- studies show changes on a post-fMRI image that represent progress towards a normalized reading pattern.  As a result, this almost always translates into measurable gains in reading and reduced dyslexia symptoms.

The Importance of Oversight

Gemm Learning provides its online dyslexia treatment at home with remote oversight.

Home-based learning is challenging. There are so many distractions and parents are never sure if their child is working when sitting at a computer. Our service tackles these issues as follows:

  • A software dashboard allows us to see every student click (and error) remotely
  • Our staff has 30+ years of experience in monitoring students remotely
  • Our professionals reach out immediately if there are issues

Using analytics and detailed reports, our professionals, monitor activity daily. Furthermore, we have a range of interventions available for those who need extra help.  This includes virtual one-on-one sessions, protocol adjustments and exercise-specific recommendations. This is in contrast to most online reading and dyslexia websites where there is no follow up.  Our staff are professionals, mainly educators.  Consequently, they know how to manage students with learning disorders.

We believe our secret sauce is the remote personalized guidance we provide through our trained professionals. These professionals monitor and guide.  They act as a mentor and coach, encouraging you and your child to stick with the protocols to get the rewards this amazing software offers.

In a addition to regular calls, our professionals will run virtual sessions logged into your child’s computer if requested. Furthermore,  we  email weekly reports, send out achievement certificates at milestones, allow client access to an online support group and provide extra incentives and prizes at our online rewards website, Gemm City.

Fast Acting and Enduring

Because we target the underlying impediment to reading, many students start improving in only a few weeks.  The full dyslexia course averages 4-6 months, depending on students needs and goals. With the right stimulation, the brain can improve its language processing capabilities much more quickly and more profoundly than you might think. Our results here speak for themselves.

Improved language processing, including mastery of letter sounds, phonemes and graphemes, integrate and become part of your child and will then be used daily. Consequently, the gains will last a lifetime.

Find Out If Our Online Dyslexia Treatment Can Help Your Child

There are many forms or labels for dyslexia. Phonological dyslexia is the most common. In addition, there is surface dyslexia, semantic dyslexia (focused on word retrieval) and deep dyslexia (or alexia, caused by traumatic brain injury).  While these are all a little different, the common theme is language processing difficulty, the main thrust of our dyslexia interventions.

To find out if our online dyslexia treatment at home is suitable for you or your child,  watch a video here.  Or alternatively, call a Gemm Learning specialist for a free consult.