Dyslexia Programs For Children

Individualized Protocols by Age & Symptoms

dyslexia programs for kidsOur dyslexia programs first address the cognitive delays that cause most reading problems, and then build mastery of reading skills, step by step. Students take 4-6 months, depending on their age and needs.

Contrary to what we were taught only a few years ago, dyslexia is not a permanent diagnosis or condition. Real change using cognitive skills training is not only possible, we see it every day.

Elementary Age

Our dyslexia programs for younger children help these symptoms:

  • Weak phonological awareness, which impedes learning to sound out words.
  • Reading resistance.
  • Frustration as the books get harder.

While memorization helps many dyslexic children cope with reading early on, eventually the word list explodes, and they need to learn how to decode automatically. This where our dyslexia programs help.

Elementary Age Protocols
Our programs for dyslexia build this reading automaticity, making reading easier, by strengthening the cognitive skills required for reading. Elementary age students typically spend a lot of time in our brain training programs, Fast ForWord Language v2 and Language to Reading v2, before moving into the reading series further up the pyramid.

Middle & High School Children

As the school curriculum transitions to “read to learn” the goals of our dyslexia programs help:

  • Slow reading.
  • Weak reading comprehension.
  • Lack of reading stamina.

Theses are all symptoms of an inefficient reading style, a lack of automaticity.

Middle & High School Age Protocols
Our dyslexia reading programs for older children and teenagers start with brain training to build reading automaticity — Fast ForWord Literacy and Literacy Advanced — before moving into the Fast ForWord reading series, which builds reading comprehension skills — inferential thinking, vocabulary, sentence completion — and metacognition, the ability to think critically and self correct while reading.

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