Dyslexia Treatment at Home

Dyslexia treatment programs that harness brain plasticity

Our online dyslexia treatment uses an individualized sequence of brain-training exercises to correct the processing delays that cause most cases of dyslexia. It’s a fast-acting program that aims to resolve dyslexia at its source, once and for all.

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New Hope for Children with Dyslexia

treatment for children with dyslexiaUntil the 1980s it was thought the brain was hardwired, and that dyslexia was permanent. Scientists then discovered brain plasticity, the capacity of the brain to change its structure and function through experience and training.

This means that the window for learning gains remains open throughout life. Dyslexia can be resolved or at least dramatically helped at any age. Our online dyslexia treatment at home, using adaptive brain training software, Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant, tap into this opportunity.

Dyslexia Treatment Steps

Most dyslexia is caused by language processing delays that impact phonological awareness, decoding and reading efficiency. Left untreated, these processing deficits undermine reading for life.

People live with dyslexia because the treatments they have tried — tutoring, special glasses, reading clinics — are work arounds. These strategies do not go after the underlying problem.

Our treatment for dyslexia addresses the processing and related cognitive causes of dyslexia first, and then, from that strong foundation, builds fluency and comprehension skills. In order, we target:
pyramid showing dyslexia treatment in steps

1. The Delays That Cause Dyslexia
By getting at the cognitive skills that cause dyslexia, our treatment can start to improve reading ease and efficiency in just a few weeks.

2. Reading Fluency
In addition to efficient processing, reading fluency requires language dexterity — sound grammar, vocabulary and spelling skills — which we address after the first 4-8 weeks.

3. Reading Comprehension
The ultimate goal of our dyslexia treatment programs is to improve reading comprehension with critical and inferential thinking. As required by the Common Core State Standards, we introduce these higher level comprehension skills at 2nd grade and above.

The brain is an amazing organ. With the right stimulation, it can improve much more quickly and profoundly than you might think. Our students average 1-2 years of reading gain in their first 2-3 months, with more acceleration after that. Our results speak for themselves.

We customize our programs by student age and need. The software then adapts to the student, creating an individualized experience. Most students start to see results in 1-2 months.

Find Out If Our Online Dyslexia Treatment Can Help Your Child

Our online dyslexia treatment at home combines powerful software with remote personalized guidance by trained professionals. To find out if our programs are suitable for you or your child, call one of our specialists for a free consult.