Dyslexia Treatment at Home

Dyslexia Treatment Programs That Tap Into Neuroplasticity

Our online dyslexia treatment uses brain-training exercises that target the language processing and related working memory delays that cause most cases of dyslexia.
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New Hope for Children with Dyslexia

Until the 1980s it was thought the brain was hardwired, and that dyslexia was permanent. Scientists then discovered brain plasticity, the capacity of the brain to change its structure and function through experience and training.

This means that the window for learning gains remains open throughout life. Dyslexia can be resolved or at least dramatically helped at any age. Our online dyslexia treatment at home, using Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant, taps into this opportunity.

Dyslexia Treatment Steps

Dyslexia is most often caused by language processing delays that impair how language is heard, sometimes described as like listening to sound through water.  This muddiness in processing not only impacts listening, it also impacts phonological awareness needed for decoding (sounding out), reading efficiency and reading comprehension. Left untreated, these delays can undermine reading for a lifetime.

Most people think of dyslexia as permanent because most dyslexia treatments — tutoring, special glasses, reading clinics — are not treatments at all.  They do not address the underlying processing delays.  They provide work arounds, extra activities that help children cope with dyslexia and help them make progress despite the dyslexia.

Our treatment for dyslexia is different.  It goes after the underlying difficulty and then builds related cognitive and reading skills, step by step.
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  1. Treat The Underlying Cause
    Students make hundreds of clicks every day to exercise processing speed, working memory, attention and sequencing skills. The software adapts, adding speed and complexity at the student’s pace.
  2. Make Reading Easier & More Fluent
    Fluent reading also requires language dexterity — sound grammar, vocabulary and spelling skills — which we address after the first 4-8 weeks.
  3. Build Reading Comprehension
    The latter stages of our dyslexia treatment programs focus on improving reading comprehension with critical and inferential thinking.

We customize our programs by student age and need. The software then adapts to the student, creating an individualized experience. Most students start to see results in 1-2 months.

Fast Acting and Enduring

Like any solution that targets underling problems rather than dealing with the symptoms, our software is fast acting. Most students start to see gains after only a few weeks.  Our full course averages 4-6 months depending on your child’s starting point.

Our dyslexia treatment is also enduring — once core language processing and related cognitive skills are learned, they integrate and become part of your child. These skills are then practiced every day through listening, interacting with others and reading.

The brain is an amazing organ. With the right stimulation, it can improve much more quickly and more profoundly than you might think. Our students average 1-2 years of reading gain in their first 2-3 months, with more acceleration after that. Our results  speak for themselves.

Find Out If Our Online Dyslexia Treatment Can Help Your Child

We believe our secret sauce, the reason for our consistent success as an online dyslexia treatment at home, is the remote personalized guidance we provide through our trained professionals. These professionals monitor and guide, acting as a mentor and coach, encouraging you and your child to stick with the protocols to get the rewards this amazing software offers.

To find out if our programs are suitable for you or your child, call a Gemm Learning specialist for a free consult.