Online Reading Software With Oversight

Help Reading By Addressing The Underlying Causes of Reading Difficulty

88% of struggling readers share a common difficulty — processing delays that undermine phonological awareness and therefore reading efficiency.  Until these delays are resolved, reading will always be a challenge.

Our brain-based reading software uses advanced neuroscience to  improve processing and related skills. Most students see significant reading gains in just a few months.

online reading softwareIf cognitive skills — phonological awareness, working memory, processing, attention and sequencing — are not properly developed, reading fluency and comprehension cannot be mastered. Our program sequence is:

  1. Build a cognitive foundation
    Fast ForWord brain training programs develop the fundamental skills needed for reading.
  2. Make reading more fluent
    Fast ForWord Reading then develops decoding automaticity, vocabulary, spelling and grammar. We may also assign Reading Assistant speech recognition-based oral reading practice.
  3. Develop reading comprehension
    Our reading comprehension exercises are aligned with Common Core State Standards.

How Our Reading Software Works

Our reading programs build processing skills in tiny, incremental steps, not unlike how physical skills are learned — slowly at first, gradually building in speed and complexity. Each exercise requires hundreds of sequencing and sound discrimination decisions in quick succession, adding speed and complexity at your child’s own pace, building the cognitive skills needed for reading.

Documented Results
online software for readingFast ForWord has been peer reviewed in studies covering 30,000 students and it has been the subject of 700 white papers. It has been used by 2+ million students in 42 countries and was rated “most effective” out of 24 reading programs in a comprehensive 2-year Nevada State study.

Programs By Age

Younger children, 5 years and older, work mainly on processing, language and phonological awareness. Our exercises are adaptive, meaning students progress at their own pace, without frustration.

Our middle and high school reading programs revisit reading speed and fluency before focusing on reading comprehension and the critical thinking skills needed in high stakes tests.

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