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Our reading comprehension software uses brain training and reading exercises to build decoding efficiency and reading comprehension skills.

Here is what is required of students to meet current reading comprehension standards:

  1. Understand the main idea
  2. Comprehend the sequence, context and/or characters
  3. Clarify parts of the text which have confused them
  4. Connect the text to prior knowledge or experience

Essential Reading Comprehension Skills

reading-and-thinking-legs-crossedIn addition to decoding automaticity, our reading comprehension software, Fast ForWord, builds these foundational comprehension skills:

Familiarity with Language
While most children learn the language by listening, struggling readers tend to have processing delays that impede language familiarity and dexterity.

Our reading comprehension programs address language skills, specifically vocabulary and language structure, including syntax, spelling and grammar.

Thinking While Reading 
Accomplished readers constantly compare the text to their understanding of the world. For most struggling readers, occupied with decoding, this is difficult. Our program develops thinking while reading using reading comprehension exercises where students learn to decode subconsciously while the mind focuses on an analytical task.

Reading Stamina
Our reading comprehension programs develop reading stamina by:

  • Making reading easier. Our programs automate decoding so that it does not require concentration — this makes reading less exhausting.
  • Improving reading comprehension. An ability to comprehend the text makes it more interesting and engaging, even enjoyable.
  • Building reading speed. Our programs improve focus, reducing the need to re-read text, and improve vocabulary — recognizable words — creating less reasons to pause while reading. Better progress through the text makes engagement easier.

software to improve reading comprehensionFast ForWord also helps selective attention, helpful for reading stamina. We aim to make our students more avid readers, so that they will keep reading and keep improving reading comprehension through practice.

The final step to mastering reading is metacognition, the ability to read critically and self-correct as you go. Metacognitive reading comprehension strategies require years of practice, which can only start once a student is reading with comprehension. This is a reason to improve reading skills sooner rather than later.

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