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Boy needing APD help

APD treatment using brain-based software.

 - Treats auditory processing disorder at its source.
 - Improves listening and reading for all ages.

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Auditory Processing Disorder Treatment

Targets the underlying delays, not the symptoms

Just as a muscle responds to exercise, our auditory processing disorder treatment uses adaptive brain training programs to address auditory processing deficits, once and for all.

Our online software, with highly involved remote professional oversight, can significantly improve listening, language and reading in 4-6 months.

How It Works

Auditory processing disorder treatment at home

Our treatment for CAPD is centered around the
Fast ForWord software series. Brain training programs strengthen auditory processing, working memory, attention and sequencing -- essential cognitive skills - and then reading programs build reading fluency and comprehension.

The exercises involve making hundreds of sequencing and other processing decisions in quick succession, with speed and complexity added at the student's own pace. Every session creates new neural pathways, new abilities that translate into the language processing efficiency required for reading and learning.

This highly effective approach makes Fast ForWord the most recommended auditory processing disorder treatment in North America.

Audiologists recommend Fast ForWord for language processing difficulties  Adaptive, individualized training

Neuroscience based treatment for auditory processing difficulties  Neuroscience-based

Individualized student treatment protocols  Research-validated for APD

Goals of our APD Treatment

Improve Following Directions
Children with auditory processing difficulties struggle do not process fast enough for accurate listening. Background noise can also be troublesome. Our auditory processing disorder treatment builds the processing efficiency and working memory required to accurate hear and follow directions at natural language speed.

Build Reading Efficiency
Central auditory processing disorder impacts phonological awareness, a crucial reading skill. Our reading programs improve phonological awareness and reading fluency in younger readers, and decoding efficiency and reading comprehension in older children.

Auditory processing disorder programs

Lack of Focus
Auditory processing disorder makes learning exhausting, often leading to an ADD diagnosis. While ADD meds manage symptoms, our treatment for APD targets the cause of inattentiveness. By making reading and listening easier, more engaging, our software can reduce ADD symptoms.

Build Language Skills
Auditory processing disorder can limit vocabulary, articulation and/or conversational skills. Inefficient listening impedes language skill development, which also impacts reading and writing. Our treatment helps language dexterity.

Online Software, Monitored by Professionals

Gemm Learning is a home-based auditory processing disorder treatment for K-12 children, teens and adults. We are the largest provider of Fast ForWord in North America.
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Pree and post testing assessment  Daily monitoring, weekly reports, regular calls

Online student rewards  Engaging games, online rewards

Treatment method includes online support  Risk-free start, guaranteed results, satisfied clients

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