Auditory procssing in children

Auditory processing program for children FAQ.

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Program FAQ

How We Help Auditory Processing in Children

How long does the program take?

Most students take 4-6 months to complete our program, working 30 or 50 minutes a day, five days a week. Protocol length does depend on your child's starting point -- younger children and children with auditory processing issues that are more severe may take a month or two longer. The latter stages of our program are aimed accelerating reading skills. Stretching reading goals can extend your total program length.

Auditory Processing in Children

What ages is it for?

The earliest that children with auditory processing delays can start our program is 5 years of age. While most of our students are 5-12, we have had great results with teens and adults.

Is this program intensive enough to help my child's APD?

Our Fast ForWord software is the most popular APD intervention in speech and language clinics in North America. The exercises are adaptive and incredibly intensive. The larger concern is the effectiveness of software at home. This is where we come in. Our personal trainer approach has us actively engaged in every aspect of the home program.

Do you require test results to start?

No. While we are happy to review any clinical test results, we start out with our own assessment. In addition, the program itself is extremely diagnostic -- progress on the various auditory processing exercises gives is a good insight into your child's learning make up.

Do I need a clinician to help with Fast ForWord?

No doubt, Fast ForWord is the most popular auditory processing program for children in the world, favored by a majority of Speech and Language Pathologists and Neurologists. But Fast ForWord is an exercise regimen for the brain -- there is no ongoing need for clinical diagnostic skills. All you need is oversight, to be sure your child is doing the exercises correctly, and of course, consistently.
Gemm Learning or a clinician?

What results can I expect?

Auditory processing disorder in children

Gemm Learning has a large number of auditory processing success stories from using the Fast ForWord program. Fast ForWord improves CAPD and related skills -- so-called MAPS, working memory, attention, processing and sequencing -- which typically translate into outcome timelines for children with auditory processing disorder as follows:

For children under nine years of age
Within a few weeks, most parents notice changes in vocabulary, an easier time following directions and more willingness to read. Around the three month mark, expect reading fluency gains and an acceleration in learning that will continue over the next 1-2 years -- better reading comprehension, improved focus, stronger performance at school, and more confidence.

For older children
Helping auditory processing in older children is more about making known skills automatic and so the timetable for measurable changes is generally shorter. Reading comprehension will improve quickly and dramatically once the distraction of effortful decoding is removed by our programs. Similarly, improvements in learning efficiency will make homework less stressful, and should improve grades.