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Dyslexia software

Brain training dyslexia software.

 - Based on principles of neuroplasticity.
 - Targets the causes of dyslexia, not the symptoms.

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About Our Dyslexia Software

The Science Behind of our Program

Our dyslexia software uses neuroscience principles to treat the processing delays that cause most dyslexia. Our exercises build new neural circuits, new abilities that can help your child overcome dyslexia.

Based on Neuroscience Principles

Frequency, Intensity and Shaping
Just like strengthening a physical muscle, new learning "muscle" growth requires consistency. The games in our dyslexia software add speed and complexity in tiny, incremental steps, called "shaping." The adaptive algorithms have an intensity that can't be matched by human instruction.

To derive benefit from training, the level of difficulty must be challenging without being discouraging. This is different for each student and changes as performance improves. Our software constantly assesses the participant's skill level, and adapts accordingly.

Creating New Neural Circuits & Efficiency
Every dyslexic student at Gemm Learning experiences "activation" in the language areas of the brain. After our program, fMRIs show that dyslexic students transition to a more efficient language-based reading strategy.

To get the most out of dyslexia software, the brain should be in an engaged and rewarded state, making it open to learning and change. A reward for correct performance tells the brain, “That worked, do that again in the same situation.” Our software uses computer game signals -- sounds and scoring -- to maintain engagement.

Natural Learning
Early childhood learning is through discovery. In-the-moment feedback promotes deep understanding and enduring gains. Our dyslexia software uses these natural learning principles throughout.

Software Description

Students work on cognitive skills and then enter the reading series at their reading level.

Goal #1: Treat The Delays That Cause Dyslexia
Beating dyslexia in most cases means building the learning MAPS -- working memory, attention, processing and sequencing -- required for reading. Fast ForWord Language v2 and Literacy, in our dyslexia software series, makes sounding out easier for early readers and more efficient for older readers.

Dyslexia software protocol pyramid

Goal #2: Build Reading Fluency
Reading fluency requires automatic decoding and language dexterity -- sound grammar, vocabulary and spelling skills. Language to Reading v2, Literacy Advanced, Reading Levels 1, 2 and 3 all have exercises to build language mastery.

Goal #3: Build Reading Comprehension
Reading Levels 3, 4 and 5 in our software for dyslexia have analytical and sentence completion exercises that build reading accuracy, inferential reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

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