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Dyslexia treatment for children

Dyslexia treatment at home.

 - A brain-based approach.
 - Individualized for all ages.

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Dyslexia Treatment at Home

Harnessing Brain Plasticity To Help Dyslexia

Our dyslexia treatment uses brain training software to address the processing delays that cause most cases of dyslexia.

Online software treats the cause  Neuroscience-based programs

Adaptive dyslexia treatment  Backed by 240+ studies, 55 patents

Treatment for dyslexia  Individualized, self-paced protocols

New Hope for Children with Dyslexia

As late as the 1980s it was thought the brain was hardwired, and that dyslexia was a permanent condition. Scientists then discovered brain plasticity, the capacity of the brain to change its structure and function through experience and training.

This means that the window for improvement remains open throughout life. Dyslexia need not be a life sentence. Our dyslexia treatment taps into this exciting new opportunity.

Dyslexia Treatment Steps

Instruction is like pumping air into a leaking tire, it's a temporary fix that does not address the underlying processing impediments. Our dyslexia treatment, by contrast, targets the root causes of dyslexia and then works up the pyramid.
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Dyslexia treatment pyramid
  1. Brain training to build a strong cognitive foundation -- phonological awareness and related skills.

  2. Reading fluency including help with spelling, vocabulary and grammar, common difficulties in dyslexic children.

  3. Reading comprehension. This phase of our treatment is individualized, depending on your child's skill gaps and goals.

  4. Critical reading (middle school and up). The final step is reading with metacognition, the ability to think while reading.

Our dyslexia treatment is customized by student age and needs. The software then adapts to the student creating a individualized program. Most students start to see results in 1-2 months with significant gains in the months following.

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Our programs are home-based with personalized remote support from trained professionals. To find out if our dyslexia treatment can help your child, call for a free consult or email us your questions here.