Dyslexia treatment for children

Treat dyslexia at its source.

 - A brain-based approach.
 - Individualized treatment, online with remote oversight.

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Dyslexia Treatment at Home

Harnessing Brain Plasticity To Help Dyslexic Children

Studies show that up to 90% of reading difficulties, including dyslexia, stem from processing delays. Our treatment for dyslexia uses brain training to address these delays.

Online software treats the cause  Significant gains in 4-6 months

Adaptive dyslexia treatment  Clinical software, backed by 240+ studies

Treatment for dyslexia  Individualized, self-paced protocols

Children with dyslexia do not process well enough to clearly hear the sounds inside words, the phonemes. This makes learning to read a challenge, later on creating decoding inefficiencies that impede reading comprehension.

fMRI scans of children with dyslexia

New Hope for Children with Dyslexia

You can confront this learning disability by strengthening auditory processing efficiency, thereby treating dyslexia at its source.

It is now established science that the brain is plastic -- it can rewire. Our programs tap into this opportunity, using intensive exercises that create new neural activity, as shown in the image, in the language processing region of the brain that significantly improves reading fluency and comprehension.

Dyslexia Treatment Steps

Most tutoring and reading software is equivalent to pumping air into a leaking tire, temporary fixes that cope with dyslexia symptoms, they do not address the underlying processing impediments.

Dyslexia programs in a treatment pyramid

Our programs, Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant, by contrast, target the root causes of dyslexia and then work up the pyramid:

  1. Brain training to build cognitive foundation. Most children with dyslexia have weak phonological awareness and related skills that need strengthening.

  2. Reading programs to develop reading fluency. We then boost spelling, vocabulary and grammar, common difficulties in dyslexic children.

  3. Reading comprehension. This phase of our treatment is individualized, depending on your child's skill gaps and goals.

  4. Critical reading (middle school and up). The final step is reading with metacognition, the ability to think about what you are reading.

Every child is different and so the time spent at each stage varies. Protocols and outcomes also vary by age. Younger children need phonics and processing help, while older children need training in fluency and comprehension skills.
Dyslexia programs by age

Exercises to treat dyslexia at home Fast & Effective
The quickest and most effective way to resolve a problem is to isolate the underlying cause, and then fix it.

This is how our dyslexia intervention works. It is based on the science of brain fitness, targeting dyslexia at its cognitive source.
The science behind our software for dyslexia

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