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Fast ForWord auditory processing program

Fast ForWord is the world's #1 APD program.

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 - Results backed by 240 studies and 55 patents.

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Fast ForWord for Auditory Processing

Intensive, Research Validated Software

Fast ForWord is brain training software that targets auditory processing disorder (APD), a common source of reading and learning issues.

Most children develop the processing skills needed for reading and learning through language interaction. However, some do not, and since schools do not address these delays, auditory processing difficulties linger as an ongoing impediment to the learning success.

Developed by world-renowned neuroscientists, Fast ForWord harnesses the power of neuroplasticity -- the ability of the brain to respond to exercise and improve function -- to target the auditory processing delays and help children become better listeners, learners and readers.

Auditory processing program

The Science

The founding neuroscientists reasoned that auditory processing could be strengthened with the stimulation, and that this would significantly improve language, learning and reading. They spent the next 20 years developing exercises, launching Fast ForWord in 1997.

Slow Pitch To Success
The concept behind Fast ForWord is to find the student's processing level and then to build speed in tiny, incremental steps, not unlike how a parent starts off pitching slowly to a young baseballer.

Students make hundreds of sequencing and sound discrimination decisions in quick succession. It adds speed and complexity, building to the language processing efficiency required for reading.

Fast ForWord starts with cognitive brain training programs that specifically address auditory processing issues. Students then move to the reading series, which has elementary, middle and high school level programs.
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Neuroscience Principles
Fast ForWord is based on established neuroscience concepts that promote improved brain function in a relatively short period. These principles help create new neural connections, improved learning.
Auditory processing disorder treatment overview

Fast ForWord Research For APD

Over 30,000 students, mainly struggling readers, have been part of highly scrutinized scientific studies, and over 700 scientific articles have been written about Fast ForWord, many focused on APD. The overwhelming conclusion has been positive.
APD-specific study results