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The Fast ForWord reading program at home.

 - Helps language-based learning and reading.
 - 3+ million students worldwide.

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Documented Results

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The Fast ForWord Program

Brain-Based Reading Software For Children & Adults

Neuroscience-based Fast ForWord accelerates learning by working on the cognitive delays that cause most reading and learning difficulties. Just as physical training builds fitness, brain function can be improved with exercise. Fast ForWord software taps into this opportunity.

Gemm Learning has been providing professionally-supervised Fast ForWord programs at home since 2006.

  1-2 years of gain in just a few months

Fast for word program  Ranked #1 in large Nevada DOE study

Fast for words  Engaging, self-paced games

fast for word software

Adaptive, Individualized Approach
Fast ForWord software exercises add speed and complexity at your child's pace, creating new neural connections, new learning skills, in every session. For students 5 years & older, teenagers and adults.

Scientifically Designed
The Fast ForWord reading program draws from cognitive research on reading, neuroscience, linguistics, and natural learning science. It's a comprehensive approach unlike any other.
What makes the software unique

A Series of Programs
There are 11 programs in the series, each with 5-6 games that have different reading and learning goals. Most students complete 3-4 programs, in sequence. Each program takes 3-8 weeks.
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Who Fast ForWord Can Help

Fast ForWord software treats processing delays and related difficulties, which impact:

  • Reading and comprehension, including dyslexia
  • Auditory processing deficits
  • Inattentive ADD

Because the Fast ForWord program can rewire core learning abilities, it also used to improve study and test taking skills, and to help symptoms related to autism, Asperger syndrome and, sometimes, traumatic brain injury.
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How Fast ForWord by Gemm Learning Works

Online, Monitored By Trusted Professionals
Students work at home for 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Our professionals monitor progress remotely, call regularly and provide online student rewards and weekly reports. Gemm Learning is the largest provider of Fast ForWord in North America.
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Fast Forward software

Cognitive Skills First
Our students start with cognitive programs that build a foundation for the programs to follow. In each session the student is prompted to make hundreds of increasingly complex decisions in quick succession, gradually strengthening processing, focus and memory skills -- essential for reading -- that are then used in every day life and so the gains endure.
The science behind the software

Reading Programs Next
Students then move through an individualized series of reading exercises that develop reading and comprehension skills, gradually moving up the reading pyramid.
Reading fluency and comprehension program details

Documented Results

Fast ForWord is a play on fast for word and fast forward, emphasizing fast results. Rather working around an underlying difficulty, the program aims to remove the learning impediment, opening the flood gates to higher achievement. Studies show an average gain of 1-2 years in reading and language skills in just a few weeks. Other studies show continuing gains in the years after Fast ForWord.
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Fastforward intervention for reading

To find out if your child is a candidate for our program, call for a free consult Monday-Friday, 9AM to 9PM EST or contact Gemm Learning here.

Looking for Fast Forward?

The Fast ForWord brand evokes rapid acquisition of language skills. But it is an unusual name often called fastforward software, fast for word program, fast for words, or fast forward.