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Fast ForWord is the #1 APD program worldwide.

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Fast ForWord for Auditory Processing

Advanced Software with a Radically Different Approach

Fast ForWord software uses neuroscience principles to strengthen processing, working memory, attention and reading skills weakened by auditory processing disorder (APD).

Developed after years of cognitive research in collaboration with world-renowned neuroscientists, Fast ForWord harnesses the power of neuroplasticity -- the ability of the brain to respond to exercise and improve function -- to help children rewire their processing to become skilled listeners, learners and readers.

Auditory processing program

Many students do not naturally develop the processing skills needed for language and reading. And schools typically do not address this delay, leaving it as an ongoing impediment. This is where Fast ForWord can help.

The Science Behind Fast ForWord

The founding neuroscientists reasoned that processing could be exercised and strengthened with the right stimulation, and that improved processing would significantly impact language, learning and reading. They spent the next 20 years developing and testing different exercises, eventually launching Fast ForWord in 1997.

Slow Down To Speed Up
The concept behind Fast ForWord is to slow language down for struggling learners, and then build to natural language speed in tiny, incremental steps, not unlike how a parent starts off pitching slowly to young baseball players.

Fast ForWord asks the student to make hundreds of sequencing and sound discrimination decisions in quick succession. It adds speed and complexity at the student's pace, eventually building to the language processing efficiency required for reading.

Neuroscience Principles
Fast ForWord is based on a number of established neuroscience concepts that promote improved brain function in a relatively short period. These principles have been incredibly successful in helping students create new neural connections, improved processing and related skills.
Auditory processing disorder treatment overview

How Does Fast ForWord Help?

Fast ForWord is a series of programs done sequentially. All children start at the same basic level, progressing as they achieve proficiency.

Fast Forward improves auditory processing skills

Fast ForWord Language v2, Language to Reading v2, Literacy and Literacy Advanced target the various aspects of auditory processing disorder and language -- sequencing, working memory, phonological awareness, selective attention, processing speed and accuracy -- as it relates to learning and reading.

There are five programs in the reading series, ranging from early reading, through to middle and high school level.

Fast ForWord Results
Fast ForWord has been the subject of intense peer scrutiny and review. Over 30,000 of these students have been part of highly scrutinized scientific studies, and over 700 scientific articles have been written on the subject. The overwhelming conclusion of these trials has been positive.
APD study results