Improve working memory

Improve working memory with brain training.

 - Adaptive online software, with professional oversight.
 - Working memory training helps focus, learning and IQ.

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Improve Working Memory

Online Working Memory Training For Children

Working memory is a critical but relatively unknown skill. While the signs of difficulty are subtle, its impact on learning is immense -- fluid intelligence, attention, reading and listening comprehension are all influenced by working memory capacity.

We improve working memory using brain training software to help students of all ages recognize their full potential.

How The Working Memory Training Works

How to improve working memory

Fast ForWord software is neuroscience-based online training of cognitive skills including working memory, attention, processing and sequencing. There are 50+ exercises, broken down into a series of 10 programs.
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How The Exercises Work
Students are presented with a rotation of exercises that vary daily. These exercises (or games) are adaptive, adding speed and complexity at the student's own pace, gradually improving working memory and related skills to the levels required for learning and reading efficiency.

Program Logistics
Our training is for children, K-12, teens and adults. Using a 30 minutes per day protocol, our training takes 3-6 months, depending on whether the student needs help with reading comprehension after the cognitive programs are completed.

Skills Helped

Cognitive skills are integrated. When you improve working memory, you tend to see gains in focus and retention. Similarly, better processing helps improve working memory. Our training uses an integrated approach, improving skills in isolation and together. Here are the main skills helped:

  • Accurate listening and reading. In many cases, a working memory issue in children is actually a capture issue -- it was not forgotten, but rather, it was not heard accurately (or missed completely) in the first place, due to weak auditory processing skills. Fast ForWord exercises processing to improve listening accuracy.

  • Selective attention. Working memory deficits cause inattentiveness or an inability to resist distractions while capturing information, listening or reading. All Fast ForWord exercises have elements to improve attention.

  • Retention skills. Once captured, information needs to be held and processed. Fast ForWord increases the amount and complexity of information that can be held, and the retention span, with escalating distractions, replicating in class or at home scenarios.

  • IQ. Working memory enables the juggling and comparing of facts, crucial to problem solving and critical thinking. Gains in working memory can impact fluid intelligence, the ability to think quickly and reason abstractly.
    How working memory impacts fluid intelligence

  • Processing efficiency. An overloaded learning system struggles just to read or listen literally. There is no real capacity to think about the content, to relate it to existing knowledge or understanding. Fast ForWord builds learning efficiency to create this extra capacity.

Working memory program

Gains From Our Program

Here are some of the gains students experience from our working memory training:

Better grades and test scores. The improved ability to retain a question while scanning multiple choice answers is a major source of better grades.

Improved reading comprehension. Improved working memory helps retention of material while reading and cuts down on the need to re-read text.

Improved focus and attention stamina. Retaining more of what a teacher says makes it more interesting and so easier to stay engaged.

Ability to follow instructions and directions. One of the earliest changes parents report to us is a new-found ability of their child to follow their directions.

To find out if we can help your child improve working memory, call for a free consult or ask your question here.