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Inattentive ADD is caused by cognitive delays.

 - These processing and memory delays can be helped.
 - Self paced software to improve ADD symptoms.

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Inattentive Attention Deficit Disorder

Causes, Symptoms & Treatment for Inattentive ADD

While Inattentive ADD and ADHD have become the default explanation for all kinds of behavioral disorders, there are many other reasons why, for instance, a child will not focus in class.

Sometimes, it is just six-year-old-itis. And sometimes there are legitimate shortfalls in language processing, brain chemistry and/or sensory integration that require clinical intervention.

Inattentive ADHD symptoms

There are two main types of ADHD: Inattentive and Hyperactive. Both are considered ADHD. If someone is diagnosed with ADD it’s the same as “ADHD: Predominately Inattentive.” Predominately inattentive means that the hyper-active elements of ADHD are not as relevant to, but not totally excluded from that individual.

Causes of Inattentive Attention Deficit Disorder

ADHD-PH, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder - Predominantly Hyperactive, is the more complex of the two disorders with a number of sensory integration and brain chemistry causes. ADHD-PI, Predominantly Inattentive, or attention deficit disorder is less complex.

In an overwhelming number of cases inattentive ADD is related to language processing, an auditory processing disorder, i.e., an inability to process language at natural speed. Processing at natural language speed is challenging for many children. It requires the ability to:

  • Process at 40 sounds a second, the speed required to clearly distinguish the sounds in a phonologically blended syllable like "bl" and to keep up with spoken instructions or conversation

  • Process automatically when listening in class and when reading, so that the mind can think critically and so that it is not exhausting

If your child is not processing at this level, he/she may appear to have a language attention deficit. A classic symptom is drifting off in class. While many attribute this to ADD, most often it is because a child finds listening exhausting or uninteresting due to missed words.

This same dynamic repeats in a number of academic and social situations where the world is just coming at a child too fast and so the easiest thing to do, the best form of self-defense, is to tune it out.
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Symptoms of Inattentive ADD

Inattention may not become apparent until a child enters the challenging environment of school. In adults, symptoms of inattention may manifest in work or in social situations.

A person with ADHD-PI may have some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Producing work that is often messy and careless

  • Easily distracted by irrelevant stimuli

  • Inability to focus or sustain attention on tasks or activities

  • Procrastination

  • Disorganized work habits

Signs of inattentive ADD

For a more detailed list of ADD symptoms, sorted by age:
Inattentive ADD symptoms

Inattentive ADD Treatment Options

Importantly, auditory processing disorder, the underlying cause of most inattentive ADD, can be treated. By strengthening processing -- making it more efficient and less exhausting -- lack of focus in class, reading stamina and other symptoms of ADD can be dramatically improved.

Gemm Learning has had great success using Fast ForWord software at home as a natural treatment for inattentive attention deficit disorder. It helps at a fundamental level working on processing, memory, focus and sequencing -- cognitive skills that are so often the cause of ADD. Many of our students are able to get off ADD medicines after our program.
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