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Online reading programs for kids

Comprehensive reading program series at home.

 - Self-paced software, with professional oversight.
 - Research-validated, neuroscience-based.

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Online Reading Programs

End reading frustration in just a few weeks

88% of struggling readers share a common difficulty -- processing delays that undermine phonological awareness and reading efficiency.

Our brain-based reading programs use advances in neuroscience to rewire and improve processing and related reading skills for all ages. Most students see significant reading gains in just a few months.

If cognitive skills -- phonological awareness, working memory, processing, attention and sequencing -- are not mastered, i.e., if they are not automatic, reading fluency and comprehension will not develop as expected. That's why our reading programs start at the cognitive skills foundation of the reading pyramid:

Online Reading Intervention Programs
  1. Build cognitive foundation
    Brain training programs to strengthen processing, phonological awareness and related skills needed for decoding.

  2. Make reading more fluent
    We develop decoding automaticity, vocabulary, spelling and grammar. Depending on the child, we may also assign speech recognition-based oral reading practice.

  3. Develop reading comprehension
    Our reading comprehension exercises are designed to meet the Common Core State Standards.
    How we improve reading comprehension

Program Features

Protocol Length
While many online reading programs require years of instruction, our one-time intervention takes only 4-6 months.

Convenient and Engaging
Being online at home, our reading programs are convenient and easy to access. The software has a computer-game feel, which we augment with online student rewards and mailed certificates.

nevada study of fast forword

Our reading programs are centered around Fast ForWord, which uses adaptive algorithms based on the neuroscience principles of frequency, intensity and "shaping" -- progress in tiny incremental steps.
More on the software exercise design

Ranked #1 in Nevada Study
Fast ForWord is research-validated, backed by 240+ studies in 40 countries, including being rated "most effective" out of 24 reading programs in a comprehensive 2-year Nevada State study.
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Reading Programs By Age
Younger children, 5 years and older, work mainly on processing, language and phonological awareness. Our elementary reading programs are adaptive, meaning students progress at their own pace, without frustration.

Our middle school reading programs revisit reading fluency before focusing on reading comprehension. Our high school reading programs build reading speed and comprehension with critical thinking, needed in high stakes tests.

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