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Brain-based programs for ADD.

 - Software that treats the causes of ADD.
 - Online with professional oversight.

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Programs for ADD at Home

Target the Causes of ADD, Not the Symptoms

Does your child drift off in class? Can he read for short periods only? Is she easily distracted when doing homework?

While these are symptoms of ADD, they are also signs of processing and working memory delays that can be significantly improved with brain training software.

Program for ADD

Our programs for ADD tap into the opportunity of neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to rewire when appropriately stimulated, to significantly improve focus and selective attention.

What Makes Us Different?

  • One-time program. Our software changes how children learn, aiming to reduce or eliminate ADD symptoms permanently.
  • Personalized oversight. We support our online programs with remote professionals who monitor, coach, encourage and support.
  • Engaging games. Our software has a computer-game feel, which we back up with online rewards.
  • Proven science. Our programs were developed by world-renowned scientists, and are based on 30+ years of research and testing.

How Our Programs Help ADD

Our ADD intervention is built around Fast ForWord software, which develops learning efficiency using adaptive brain-training technology that builds skills in incremental steps in a way that integrates into your child's learning makeup. Better focus becomes part of your child and so the gains stick.

Our programs target ADD in three ways:

  • We Treat the Causes of ADD

    Our software strengthens four primary cognitive skills -- working memory, attention, processing and sequencing. Processing and working memory deficits are linked directly to ADD and ADHD.

    Processing. By speeding up processing, Fast ForWord improves listening and learning efficiency.

    Working Memory. Increased working memory -- the ability to mentally hold and juggle facts and figures -- allows for more engagement with the material, and therefore better focus. The Fast ForWord program targets working memory for ADD in several different exercise formats.

  • Online programs for kids with ADD
  • We Train Attention Skills

    Fast ForWord trains attention skills directly, with exercises designed to improve behaviors associated with inattentive ADD:

    • Impulsiveness. Reduced impulsivity helps focus for test taking, social situations, homework, reading and listening in class.

    • Inattentiveness. Most exercises require consecutive correct responses -- this requirement for consistent accuracy builds attention stamina.

    • Distractibility. By learning to resist the distracters in our programs, students develop selective attention, the ability to stay on task, used in class, doing homework and while reading.

  • We Improve Reading Stamina

    Our programs build decoding automaticity, making it easier to read for longer periods and to retain what is read.
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Your Next Step: A Free Consult

If you have questions or are unsure if our ADD programs are right for your child, please call for a free consult or ask your questions here.