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The Fast ForWord Program

Accelerate Reading & Learning With Fast ForWord Software

The neuroscience-based Fast ForWord reading program uses adaptive exercises to rewire and strengthen essential cognitive — memory, attention, processing and sequencing — and reading skills, such as decoding, spelling, vocabulary and reading comprehension. While primarily a reading program, Fast ForWord helps a range of language and learning skills.

Just as physical fitness improves with exercise, brain function will respond to training. The Fast ForWord program taps into this opportunity to help children at all academic levels read and learn with confidence.

  • Treats the underlying difficulties, not the symptoms
  • Individualized for each student
  • 2+ million students in 42 countries

Gemm Learning provides web-based Fast ForWord at home with remote professional guidance.

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Adaptive Exercises For All Learners

Fast ForWord starts with cognitive programs that build foundational working memory, attention, processing and sequencing skills using adaptive exercises that add speed and complexity at the student’s own pace.

After 1-3 months, most students then move to a reading program to build reading fluency, spelling and comprehension skills.

Each Fast ForWord program (10 in total) has 5-7 games, each with a different mix of cognitive and/or reading skill targets. Gemm Learning designs individualized protocols that take 30-50 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week.
Program descriptions by age here

Neuroscience-Based Software

The brain can improve function, i.e., underlying difficulties can be corrected or at least reduced, meaning the window to learning acceleration is always open. Fast ForWord software taps into this neuroplasticity, this rewiring potential, using exercises where students make hundreds of increasingly complex decisions in quick succession, creating new neural connections, new learning ability, in every session.

The Fast ForWord program series incorporates key neuroscience principles: shaping (improved brain function in tiny steps), frequency and intensity, stimulation to produce norepinephrine (a brain-change agent) and simultaneous activity, where skills are trained together in a melding that is repeated in daily life, leading to gains that endure.

30+ Years of Research

Fast ForWord software incorporates cognitive research, neuroscience, linguistics and natural learning science. This collaboration was developed over 30 years by 4 highly regarded neuroscientists, with input from several world-renowned universities.

Documented Results

Fast ForWord is a play on fast for word and fast forward, emphasizing fast results. By removing underlying impediments, it can quickly open the flood-gates to higher achievement. 240+ research studies show substantial student gains while still doing the program and after program completion.

Who Fast ForWord Helps

The software treats processing delays and related difficulties to help reading, comprehension and learning issues including dyslexia, auditory processing disorder and ADD.

Because the Fast ForWord reading program also targets learning efficiency, it helps study and test taking skills, and can improve symptoms associated with autism, Asperger syndrome and traumatic brain injury.

The software is now available on the iPadĀ® and is now available in a 3-day protocol.

Find Out If Fast ForWord Can Help You or Your Child

Gemm Learning is the largest home-based service provider of Fast ForWord in North America. To find out if your child is a candidate for our program, call one of our specialists for a free consult.

Looking for Fast Forward?
The Fast ForWord brand evokes rapid acquisition of language skills. But it is an unusual name often called fastforward software, fast for word program, fast for words, or fast forward.