Online learning programs for kids

Effective interventions with online convenience.

 - Proven Fast ForWord software.
 - Professional oversight, with online rewards.

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How Our Service Works

Proven software combined
with remote educator support.

How Our Service Works

Online Software, Monitored by Professionals

Students, 5 and older, work for 30-50 minutes a day, 5 days a week on individualized programs to fundamentally improve cognitive and reading skills.

Service Features

Online, with Remote Oversight
Our certified educators monitor progress daily and call frequently. We also have a support website and a private Facebook group, called Gemm Family, where clients can compare notes, and seek out expert and peer advice.

Engaging Games With Online Rewards
Assigned exercises vary daily, and can be completed in a single or multiple sessions during the day. Our adaptive exercises have a computer game feel that keep children engaged, which we complement with Gemm City, our student rewards website.

Measurable Progress In Weekly Updates
We'll keep you up to date on your child's progress with weekly progress reports. Each week you'll see what skills your child has mastered, what's difficult and where work is still needed.

Cost Effective With A Guarantee
Our program is a one-time intervention, potentially saving thousands of dollars in future tutoring costs. We also offer a two-week cancellation policy; installment plan payment options; and a guarantee.
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Online learning for kids

Fast Results
The fastest way to fix a problem is to correct the underlying cause. This is how Fast ForWord works, meaning most students take only 4-6 months, depending on their needs and goals.

To find out if our program is right for your child, call for a free consult or contact us here. Gemm Learning representatives are available Monday-Fridays, 9AM-9PM EST, and by appointment outside these hours.