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Support services at Gemm Learning.

 - Weekly reporting, regular calls for parents.
 - Online rewards, remote sessions for students.

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How Our Service Works

Proven software combined
with remote educator support.

Support Service & Resources

How We Motivate Students and Support Parents

We are the largest Fast ForWord service provider in North America, in large part because of our Whole Family Service approach. Our starting point was: "What can we do to make the daily ritual convenient for families?"

Support online

Our answer lies in creating a virtual learning center combining a range of online resources with personalized support.

Personal Support
Our program managers monitor every click and call regularly. We will sometimes conduct remote sessions, logging into the student's computer as if we were in the room and are available for your calls 7 days a week. This unlimited support is part of your program package.

Weekly Progress Reports

At the outset you will be assigned a Gemm professional who is monitoring every click using uploads to our server, called Fast ForWord Progress Tracker. Each weekend you will receive a summary of what we see daily to help you follow progress.
Fast ForWord Progress Tracker

Gemm City: Our Virtual Rewards Site

Our motivational environment boils down to prizes, prizes, prizes! If the student enjoys the program, attendance is higher and helping outcomes. All this happens at our rewards website, Gemm City, at

Fast ForWord provider service

Students go to Gemm City to spend their well earned points from doing Fast ForWord. We have virtual prizes -- adopt a pet, donations, virtual rooms, auctions, sweepstakes, badges and virtual room competitions -- and hundreds of actual prizes that can be sent to your home.

Students have their own page and five virtual rooms to build and furnish. Plus they have access to the entire site, to the raffles for large prizes, auctions, and competitions. Merchandise prizes -- electronics, sports, clothing, much more -- are shipped directly to your home.

Recognition of Success:  All students are sent Completion Certificates at milestones, designed to make Gemm a fun part of your child's day.

Engaging Software: Our software has a video-game feel and is adaptive, meaning children are able to work at their own pace without fear of frustration, and have in-built rewards to sustain student interest.

My Gemm: Parent Resources Website

My Gemm Fast ForWord support site

My Gemm, the service. We are proud of our passionate and nurturing professional staff and our easy-start, willing-to-move-mountains service. We encourage our parents think of us as "My Gemm" -- motivational for our students and supportive for parents.

My Gemm, the website. has demo videos, tracking sheets, manuals, background science on each program, practical parent tips and many other resources to support your at home experience.

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