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Child reading

"He's a different kid, full of confidence

and reading at a much higher level."

  - Barbara N., parent of 3rd grader

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Gemm Learning Videos

Compilation Testimonial Video

Watch a compilation of testimonials from clients who came to us with concerns about reading, auditory processing, confidence, homework and/or grades -- and an explanation of how our service worked for them.

Testimonial Compilation

Blaise's Story

Overcoming APD (Auditory Processing Disorder)

Blaise's auditory processing disorder was holding him back in class and with reading. He worked on Fast ForWord with Gemm Learning over one summer. This is his story.

Rachel's Story

Learning to love reading

Rachel cried when asked to read and lacked confidence at school. She started working at home with Gemm Learning in 3rd grade. This is her story.