Self-paced help for
reading and learning

Powerful software that targets
the root cause of delays.

At home with expert oversight – for:
reading • dyslexiaADHD
auditory processingmore

One-time learning intervention

We provide Fast ForWord, neuroscience software that works from the ground up. It identifies skills gaps, remediates them and then adds reading instruction.

Because we remove impediments to learning progress, gains from our reading programs last a lifetime. Our students average 2+ years of reading gain in ~6 months.

Gemm Learning supports Fast ForWord with remote coaching. We are with you at every step.

When to try Gemm Learning

  • Is your child falling behind or avoiding reading?
  • Is your child taking too long over homework or resisting?
  • Diagnosed with language-related delays, such as APD ? (all ages)
  • Nothing else has worked?

Gemm Learning is often the first thing families try (especially if it’s a reading issue or language delay). Or the last- because we offer a very different alternative – particularly to tutoring or rote instruction.

The 4 founding Fast ForWord scientists had a multidisciplinary approach, developing a unique approach, a sequential set of exercises that addresses the essential cognitive and reading skills. Fast ForWord has been researched in the world’s best universities and has helped 3+ million adults and children worldwide.

Our exercises activate new brain activity associated with language, learning and reading.

““We talked a lot before I signed her up with Gemm Learning in 5th grade. Now, in 8th grade she is reading at a 10th grade level and her dyslexia continues to get better! Gemm Learning changed her life!”

Mark D.

Father of 6th grader

“The company was amazing with their customer service. They called us every couple of days the first week, then every two or three weeks. It helped my daughter tremendously, and now she isn’t having any troubles.”


2nd grader’s mother

“All of a sudden things are clicking for him. There are no signs of dyslexia now. His reading has taken off and there’s no more homework stress.”


4th grader’s mother

Make reading automatic

Adaptive exercises that build skills in tiny, incremental steps to make reading easier.

Reading comprehension

Reading automaticity improves comprehension and helps spark a love of reading.

Confidence lift

Work on reading fundamentals helps focus, confidence and  executive function.

9.6 out of 10 clients recommend us

This video shows how Gemm Learning works.

Because our software works at a deep-seated and fundamental level, we can make improvements more often than you might think.

Disclaimer. While we do our best to screen out students we don’t think we can help, Gemm Learning is an educational program that may not work in every case.

Our Process


In a phone call, we help determine if our programs can help.


We use assessments & info to create an individualized plan.


30 minutes/day, 3-5 days/week – regular coaching, support & weekly reports.