About Us

Why We Work Here

If you have a  child with learning issues, you know the drill. There is a lot to fear — dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, auditory processing disorder, etc. And a lot of ways to spend money getting help. Have you noticed though, that most of the help around you is about managing the problem, not trying to solve it once and for all?  The advice is either:

  1. Get a diagnosis – speech, reading, psychological, learning, etc. — or
  2. Cope with it — tutor, medicate, extra help in school, counsel, homeschool, manage

You can pay for an evaluation or to get a tutor in for a few sessions. But then what? Nothing really changes.

Why Not Change Life Stories By Treating Causes, Not Symptoms?

You have seen articles about the brain and how amazing it can be. It is not hard-wired as was once thought. This is not voodoo science. It just confirms what was already likely — that the brain is a living organ, just like muscle, that will respond to exercise.

And so, if the brain can change, then learning can change, right?

That’s the idea that sparked Gemm Learning. Could we find trusted programs that address the source of learning difficulties and adapt them for affordable  home use? A one-time program that works.

group of students talking and writing at schoolIt turns out there are a few programs that can make a difference, but most suit in-center use. The exception is Fast ForWord. It is industrial strength cognitive and reading software that is the real deal. And it has a way of tracking activity remotely as if the monitor is in the room.

Moreover, there were lots of studies to back it up and the success stories we heard were amazing.

From there we built a wrap-around service —  staffed by educators — that is second to none to manage the home experience, which has its challenges.

That was in 2006 and we are still going strong, now having helped thousands of families.

Dealing with learning difficulties is not easy, and so we are not always effective. But with every new student our goal is to not incremental, although sometimes that is what happens. No, our goal is bolder —  to make a significant difference, to change lives.

That’s why we work here. There is nothing better than the steady stream of notes we receive from parents about the changes they are seeing in their children’s lives, and by extension, in their own.  A worry lifted, new opportunities now attainable.

Why This Matters

There is nothing more important to a child than being a good learner. If you do not love learning, your day job — school — is miserable, eroding your confidence and sense of self-worth.

A love of learning though requires a mastery of the fundamentals. If reading is not fluent, reading is a chore. Difficulty listening and attending in class leads to frustration and stress.

This is where the schools are letting our struggling readers down. Cram-packed curriculum requirements are leaving less time for teaching reading fundamentals. And if your child is struggling, the barrage of tests and homework are sure to connect learning not to joy but to drudgery, anxiety and failure.

We hope to make a step change difference to your child’s quality of life, turning him into a confident reader and a fearless learner..

Half Measures Won’t Make A Difference

These are not occasional online brain games designed to entertain. This is heavy-duty software with constant guidance that provides the escalating intensity needed to rewire learning and change a life.

Online learning is tough. Without professional oversight, students tend to lose their way. The marrying of professional oversight to proven software is our secret sauce, the source of our consistent success. We have been making a difference in the lives of families in the US and Canada since 2006.

Who We Help

lifelong learning helpFast ForWord has various exercise combinations to target reading and/or learning issues such as auditory processing disorder, inattentive ADD and dyslexia.

96% of Gemm Learning clients say they recommend us to others.

The Gemm Learning Team

Our staff are educators who have seen the limits of instruction and tutoring first-hand, and so love being able to offer a new window of opportunity to struggling learners. Their insight into activity at home involves them in a personal way that leads to great outcomes.

How Gemm Started

Gemm Learning was founded by Geoff Nixon, whose 7-year-old son, Matthew, did Fast ForWord. About halfway through, Matthew’s vocabulary exploded. He was more able to follow directions, became more talkative and finally started reading, a wonderful development for a child who had made minimal progress in the prior 2-3 years.

This inspired the creation a wrap-around service to make brain training programs effective at home. G.E.M.M. represents the family initials, a personal name reflecting the family story behind Gemm.