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about gemm learning

About Us

Gemm Learning was founded in 2006 after the Fast ForWord program had a head-turning impact on our founder’s son (more below). Almost everybody at Gemm Learning has a child  helped by Fast ForWord and/or is a teacher.

Consequently, we know firsthand about homework battles and learning frustration.  Interventions that break this cycle are available at clinics around the country. But they are expensive, and the travelling back and forth can be gruelling.

Gemm Learning founding idea was to replicate the in-clinic wrap-around monitoring and guidance at home, to take advantage of the convenience of home and to deliver a more affordable service –  without losing any of efficacy of the in-clinic treatment.

About Our Service

Our program managers monitor students working on our programs, check in regularly, and when they see a problem.  Our process is:

  1. Assessment to start
  2. Plan created for each student
  3. Most students complete 4-5 learning, reading and/or math programs
  4. Post-program assessment

We offer a free math facts program to go along with our reading and learning interventions.

How our start process works

Our Story

Gemm Learning was founded by Geoff Nixon, who took an interest in learning and learning interventions when his son was diagnosed with delays and related learning difficulties.  He did Fast ForWord at 7 years of age. About halfway through, his son’s vocabulary exploded. He was more able to follow directions, became more talkative and finally started reading, a wonderful development for a child who had made minimal progress in the prior 2-3 years.

While the results were great, the process working at home was challenging, even though Geoff was being guided by one of the best clinicians in her field.  His conclusion was this was an amazing program that just needed to be supported in a way that makes it more manageable for families at home – a simpler process, simpler pricing and full service.  That concept became Gemm Learning.

The success stories started almost immediately, have been rolling in ever since.

G.E.M.M. is the Nixon family first name initials, a personal name reflecting the personal story behind Gemm Learning.

“The other day my daughter said she needed quiet time and just wanted to read! She has never said anything like that before. Also, thanks for the info. The service from everyone has been so great. You guys are so enthusiastic!”

Mary J.

Parent of 5th grader