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Gemm Learning Program FAQ

How long will it take to see results?

While  signs of improvement can appear in the first few weeks, measurable gains typically require 20 hours or about two months.  Service periods range from 4-9 months, with most children averaging 6-7 months.
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What learning issues does this help most?

Fast ForWord works on language processing and related cognitive skill gaps.  As such, it is most effective addressing reading delays – phonics, fluency and comprehension -including dyslexia, and auditory processing disorder. 

How can I be sure Fast ForWord will work?

Fast ForWord has a very high success rate starting out, we improve those success percentages by making sure your child is a candidate for the program.  And perhaps more the research studies here and our countless client testimonials here is the fact that Gemm Learning staff, who see these results every day, can’t wait to put their own young children on the program.  They see enough to know it’s worth it.

However, we are not always successful.  In about 5% of cases, where a student appears to be a good candidate for Fast ForWord and the protocol has been followed, we don’t see the results we had hoped for. Our 96.8% client satisfaction rate though indicates that in the vast majority of cases we make a real difference.

How do you know what's going on at home?

All of our students work at home – it’s a 4-5 days a week protocol, mostly 30 minutes a day.  Our platform lets your program managers see every click, and we review every student’s progress every day. If we see am issue that needs attention we will call.  Otherwise, we do live check-ins every two weeks. You receive a longer-term program plan and weekly updates.  All of this adds up to good student compliance, and very good outcomes.

What happens if my child won’t do it?

Until you or your child start seeing gains, this is always a concern. However, there is “honeymoon” period in the first few weeks where the software is engaging enough to hold student interest. Then the gains start to kick in, which motivates parents, and the online rewards start, which motivates most students.

In the unlikely event that your child does not engage, you can cancel at any time, although a cancellation fee does apply.

Do you have to do refresher courses?

No. For most children, this is a one and done program.  The new skills developed are then used every day, the benefits last a lifetime. In fact, in most cases gains can accelerate as removing a small but fundamental glitch (learning impediment) can unleash a tidal wave of gains.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies, depending on how much time your child needs to fully benefit from our program. Clients can pay monthly or in advance. We have plans that fit into almost any budget.
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Don't I need to do Fast ForWord through a clinician?

No.  That was the case upto 2006 when Gemm Learning was formed with the idea of reducing costs for families and being a specialist in this one thing, creating productive hoe Fast ForWord experiences.  More on this here.

Can I follow my child's progress?

At the outset Gemm develops a Gemm Program Plan you can follow, and you will receive a weekly email summarizing progress. We are in constant contact, reacting to progress and making protocol changes as needed.

“Gemm Learning is the first to succeed, and it is making a world of difference. My son’s confidence has grown so much, he’s making more friends and having a better social life. He’s willing to tackle things that are challenging and is better behaved at home and at school, so much so that my husband asks if this is the same kid or if someone switched him with a look alike! His teacher asked what extra stuff he is doing because she as she said, there are some huge changes taking place.”

Michele N.

Parent of 2nd grader


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