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Gemm Learning FAQs

How long will it take to see results?
While many families see signs of change in the first 2-3 weeks, measurable early gains typically require 20 hours or about two months. Our period of service ranges from 2-12 months, with most children averaging 4-7 months.
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How much does it cost?
250_150_GoatQuotesThe cost varies, depending on how much time your child needs to fully benefit from our program. Clients can pay monthly or in advance. We have plans that fit into almost any budget.
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How do I get started?
Start with a free 15-minute phone consult to make sure we can help. We can take payment details over the phone and get you started on our web-based software right away.
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Does Fast ForWord really work?
Not always. In about 5% of cases, where a student appears to be a good candidate for Fast ForWord and the protocol has been followed, we don’t see the results we had hoped for. Our 96.8% client satisfaction rate though indicates that in the vast majority of cases our solution makes a real difference.

What happens if my child won’t do it?
Until you or your child start seeing gains, this is always a concern. However, there is “honeymoon” period in the first few weeks where the software is engaging enough to hold student interest. Then the gains start to kick in, which motivates parents, and the online rewards start, which motivates most students.

In the unlikely event that your child does not engage, you can cancel at any time, although a cancellation fee does apply.

Is Gemm different from tutoring?
Yes. We treat the underlying causes of reading and learning difficulty. Tutoring does not address these underlying issues, but rather tries to work around them, leaving the source of difficulty untouched, making it likely to re-surface after tutoring stops.
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How does your service work?
Students work online 4-5 days a week for 30 minutes or more, supported by remote teachers, online student rewards, parent support resources and weekly reporting. Our outcomes match or exceed far more expensive, in-clinic alternatives.

How do you compare to a clinician?
The most important difference is that providing intensive brain training, reading and math programs to families for home use is all we do. We have developed unique tools to make the at home experience work, e.g., our rewards website, www.gemmcity.com, and our My Gemm parent resources website. Other differences from clinicians include our extended hours of service availability, our guarantee and our flexible payment options.
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How can I fit this into my family schedule?
We believe every schedule has 30 minutes to spare for a program like this that can change a life. You can use both weekend days if the week is busy. Also, you can split a session into two parts doing 1-2 exercises before school, 1-2 after school. 50- and 90-minute protocols are also available.

How does Fast ForWord compare to Earobics?
Think of Fast ForWord as industrial strength. Earobics is a simple, shrink-wrapped software that copies the ideas behind Fast ForWord. Earobics is levels based, not adaptive, meaning it cannot generate the intensity required to make the kinds of changes Fast ForWord is able to achieve. However, it can be used as a starting point for younger children (under 5) who are not yet ready for Fast ForWord.

nevada-studyA recent study of many reading programs, that included Earobics and Fast ForWord rated Fast ForWord “High Gain” while Earobics came in last, rated “No Gain.”

How does Fast ForWord compare to the Listening Program?
The Listening Program has higher level, more generalized learning goals. Its results are less documented, and in our experience, because it is passive, its results tend to be inconsistent. We will sometimes recommend the Listening Program for 3-5 year olds as a precursor to our programs.

How do I follow my child’s progress?
At the outset Gemm develops a Gemm Program Plan you can follow, and you will receive a weekly email summarizing progress. We are in constant contact, reacting to progress and making protocol changes as needed.

How does your guarantee work?
We are going with the neuroscience on this one! Namely, that in every case new neural circuits are created, meaning the brain will benefit from the kind of exercise Fast ForWord provides. And so we fully expect you to see gains in reading.

Here’s how the guarantee works: if, after 6 months, you do not observe changes and we do not see reading gains in our pre- and post-testing, we will provide BrainWare Safari (with the same professional oversight) for the three months free of charge.

How does your program help reading?
200-140-frustrated-girl-in-classOur reading software makes reading easier by removing the cognitive impediments to success. It combines brain training to build the cognitive skills required for reading with reading programs that develop reading fluency and comprehension.

Does Fast ForWord help other learning issues?
Yes, it helps listening in class and learning efficiency. By speeding up processing, our programs slow the world down for a child, making it easier to understand and less exhausting. This helps listening in class, homework productivity and kick starts higher level reasoning and thinking skills.

How is BrainWare Safari different from Fast ForWord?
While Fast ForWord works primarily on processing, BrainWare Safari addresses sensory integration — so important in focus, longer term and visual memory, selective and divided attention — and visual processing. For distractibility, slow work rates and retention issues, we suggest BrainWare Safari.

How do you know your programs really work?
Gemm staff members know because we see what one staff member calls her “little miracles” every day. But new clients need to rely on testimonials — call and we can provide references — or research studies.

There have been over 700 white papers written about Fast ForWord, and 90 school based research studies tracking 40,000 students.
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BrainWare Safari is newer and so has fewer studies to back it up. But there are studies that show impressive results and more are coming.
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Is this one of those products that you have to do forever?
No. Because the new skills developed are then used every day, the benefits last a lifetime. In fact, in most cases gains can accelerate as removing a small but fundamental glitch (learning impediment) can unleash a tidal wave of gains.