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Comparing Fast ForWord Providers

For home-based service, Gemm Learning or a clinician?

There are two things to consider when looking at Fast ForWord providers:

  1. Is the provider specializing in students at home? Managing Fast ForWord remotely is not easy — home-based services are a graveyard of best intentions: think unused exercise equipment. Fast ForWord providers need to be focused and organized.
  2. Providing Fast ForWord at home is a service — no diagnostic decision-making or support therapies are required.

fast forward providersAsk yourself, who is best placed to keep my child and me on track each and every day?

Gemm Learning is a service organization founded in 2006 solely to provide brain-based software to families at home.

Clinicians provide a range of treatments, focused mainly on diagnosis and in-center therapies. While many were early adopters of Fast ForWord, their experience and passion are in-clinic.

While professional guidance is needed — our program managers are teachers — providing Fast ForWord is primarily a logistics role. A surgeon does not oversee home exercises after shoulder surgery. Instead, you find a trainer or physical therapist to help with recovery exercises.

This is our role in learning — to make sure your child is working on the right exercises and that he is doing them correctly and regularly to get the most out of this amazing program.

Getting Results
As the largest of all Fast ForWord providers in North America, we draw on years of experience to provide coaching tips, we tweak protocols, and/or we conduct one-on-one sessions where we log into the student’s computer and get on the phone for a session.

Gemm students have far better compliance than the national average, and we have outcomes to match.

How We Differ From Most Clinicians

We were founded on the idea that Fast ForWord could work at home. Now, almost a decade later, our service is almost unrecognizable compared to the clinician alternative:

  • Score sheets and certificates keep your child motivated
  • Extended service hours
  • Extensive online support including a resources website and client support group
  • An everything-is-included approach, with flexible payment options

You will see the service difference right at the outset with our set up materials and welcome. We review results daily, call and email regularly. If you call or email we answer right away. This high-touch service is a founding principle of Gemm Learning and a big part of our success.


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