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Our Value Proposition

A one-time investment that can keep on giving

While there are not certainties of course, our program goals represent a step-change.  We aim to be a solution, a one-time program that ends reading and learning frustration, and potentially saves thousands of dollars in future tutoring. This makes it a compelling value in dollars.

Then add in the quality of life improvement for your child – the self-esteem that comes from living up to your potential. Not to mention, getting off the tutoring treadmill.

Read about what our claims here.

One-Time Investment

If we can resolve or at least lessen the impact of delays and deficits, you will save money on tutoring, other therapies and/or medicines. It’s an investment, not a recurring expense.

If your child can achieve learning independence, there’s more than saving tutoring costs at stake, there is also the aggravation and effort that comes with tutoring – for you and your child.  And with learning independence, comes self-esteem for your child.

Professional Involvement vs Do It Yourself

Educational software at home falls short, primarily due to poor compliance — despite good intentions, children either don’t do it or it is done incorrectly, not unlike the home exercise equipment collecting dust in basements across America.

This is where our “personal trainer” approach is key — your money is not wasted with us. We will do everything possible to make this work for you and your child. This includes extensive online learning resources, certified educators, extended service hours, remote session technology and coaching, and more.

Not to mention, when there is a curveball, an unexpected development, you need a professional involved to help you make the right next step.

Research-Validated Programs Are Worth It

Gemm Learning has been a leader in at-home learning interventions since 2006, and our software programs are research-validated. Read the research here.

Furthermore, we stand by our results. If you are not happy with the outcome we will provide another program free of charge for up to three months. Learn more

Financial Flexibility

Another way we keep the Fast ForWord cost down is with our discounted prepayment packages. Clients can also take advantage of our installment plans.

Note, quite a few clients have managed to get financial aid for our program. You would be surprised how many local charitable organizations want to help children achieve their educational goals.

How to Start

Start with a phone consult to make sure we can help. We then take credit card details over the phone, interview you briefly to understand your needs and goals, and follow up with an online reading assessment.  Contact us here to get started.