Westport Learning Center, CT

In-Center & At-Home Programs

While Gemm Learning is primarily a home-based service, our learning center in Westport, CT offers cognitive skills, reading and learning programs for ages 5 and older.

Westport learning centerLiving near our learning center in Westport has its advantages:

  • Free assessments. Come in for a free demo or reading assessment.
  • Add to routine. Home-based clients are welcome to come in once a week for a session.
  • In center. Our Westport center offers a quiet structured learning environment that is preferable to home for some families.

In-Center Services

We are proud to offer a range of powerful, clinical software services in our Westport learning center:

  • Brain training programs that treat the underlying causes of reading and learning difficulty. Our core programs are Fast ForWord and BrainWare Safari.
  • Reading programs that develop age-appropriate fluency and reading comprehension skills, using the Fast ForWord reading series and Reading Assistant.
  • Math programs.  We offer adaptive K-8 math programs that uses multiple methods to communicate math skills, and math fact fluency.
  • Pre-K Programs. While Fast ForWord is appropriate for ages 5+, Gemm Learning has programs for 4 year olds that work on phonological awareness, computer skills and reading basics in a fun and engaging manner.

westport-ct-learning-center-interiorWe start with baseline testing and then develop an individualized protocol for each child. Almost all students start with cognitive exercises and then move to a balanced approach with a blend of cognitive and instructional content.

Students typically come in for an hour each day.

Brain Camp: In-Center Summer Program

Maintain educational ground over the summer. Gemm Learning offers a Westport summer program for students who want to sustain learning gains and improve reading, math, and learning skills ahead of the new school year.

Sessions begin Monday, June 26th and are held daily (M-F) from 9:30am-12pm (with drop off beginning at 9am) and continue through the week of August 22. Students will work for 90 minutes sessions with snack and game breaks in between to help maintain focus and promote a fun learning environment.

Weekly and monthly sessions are available, which will take place at our Westport Center at 877 Post Rd East, Suite 2. Click here for more.

Your Next Steps

If you would like to visit our learning center to find out how we can help your child, please send us an email. We look forward to meeting you.

We are easy to get to, directly off ext 18 on I95:

Gemm Learning Westport Learning Center
877 Post Road East, Suite 2
Westport, CT 06880

Directions here