Thinking About Test Prep: It’s Never Too Early

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Although, many of us are only a few weeks into summer vacation, for others the countdown to the new school year has already begun. Anticipation and anxiety often intermingle as thoughts turn to the year ahead and coming milestones. For many returning high school students, college admissions tests are the main cause of apprehension.

We frequently hear from parents who are looking one or more yea…


The Gift of the Public Library

Public Library, Gemm Learning, Reading for ages

Reading is not just a nice thing to do. It’s how we help give our children the best possible start in life. This quote by Hillary Clinton during a recent speech at the American Libraries Conference got me thinking.

Laura Bush once referred to libraries as “community treasure chests, loaded with a wealth of information available to everyone equally”. While this remains true today, technolo…


Parents Educate Themselves to Advocate for Their Children

Parents Educate

When a child is struggling, parents can sometimes feel as isolated as their children. As parents, we all want to help in every way we can. And so, we become experts in education. As parents, we educate ourselves. Individually, we learn how to navigate public, private and home-school assistance. We find the best possible programs for interventions. Often, we spend so much time focused on our chil…


Assessing Learning Needs and Strengths

Gemm Learning, Learning Needs and Strengths, Assessments

Even when a learning difficulty is suspected early, the next steps can be unclear. Challenges can be developmental and often occur alongside other concerns. Coping strategies can mask symptoms or even create new ones. Determining what to ask and where to seek additional information can be scary and overwhelming. Consequently, many families wonder where to turn for guidance.

In previous interv…


Improving Auditory Processing Helped Benjamin In and Out of the Classroom

Improving auditory processing, Kids playing, Gemm Learning

Benjamin really didn’t like spelling. During home school lessons with his mother, he often became frustrated and mixed up vowel sounds. They tried a few different programs, working at a kindergarten level, though he was in second grade. But the mistakes and challenges continued. As a result, his mother began to suspect that Benjamin was having difficulty hearing.

Although Benjamin passed th…


Improve Comprehension with Connections

making connections, gemm learning

Making connections is an important step in reading comprehension. When students combine their own knowledge and information from the text to make predictions, draw conclusions, and relate to the overall experiences and feelings of characters, they are more likely to understand and recall what was read. This can also help maintain interest and lead readers to seek out a particular book series or ge…