Improving Auditory Processing Helped Benjamin In and Out of the Classroom

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Benjamin really didn’t like spelling. During home school lessons with his mother, he often became frustrated and mixed up vowel sounds. They tried a few different programs, working at a kindergarten level, though he was in second grade. But the mistakes and challenges continued. As a result, his mother began to suspect that Benjamin was having difficulty hearing.

Although Benjamin passed th…


Improve Comprehension with Connections

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Making connections is an important step in reading comprehension. When students combine their own knowledge and information from the text to make predictions, draw conclusions, and relate to the overall experiences and feelings of characters, they are more likely to understand and recall what was read. This can also help maintain interest and lead readers to seek out a particular book series or ge…


Poetry and Language Skills

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Poetry can be used to help develop language skills. The length of most stanzas and poems is often less intimidating than a passage or book. However, the content can be just as emotional, relevant, and challenging. Although the school year is winding down, there’s still time to spark your child’s interest in the subject. It may even lead to new insight on an old text or the discovery of a sup…


Ending the Year on a High Note

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Now that spring is just a few weeks away and most annual standardized assessments have been completed, the focus has started to shift to the end of the school year. Final exams, conferences, graduations, how prepared each child is to move on to the coming grade or new school – it can all be a little overwhelming. Your child may be feeling anxious, over assessed or a combination of the two. It’…


Managing the Summer Reading Slide for Less Than Enthusiastic Readers

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One of the most challenging aspects of the US education system for the 70% of children who don’t really love reading is the long summer break.  It can be a huge momentum stopper.  Despite all the best intentions in the world, it’s really hard to get an unwilling reader to read over summer when there are so many other “fun” activities competing for his/her time. And so they don’t read. He…


Recognizing Quality Brain-Based Learning Programs and Lessons

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As educators, we’re often asked by parents to weigh in on whether or not a program they are considering for their child, outside of the classroom, would be beneficial. Between the number of programs and products available and the changing views in education, it’s often challenging to know how to respond. For the same reasons, choosing the right programs to include as part of classroom instru…