Thankful for 10 Years at Gemm Learning

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“We should be grateful 365 days per year. However, this time of year we should also reflect on why we are grateful.” Those were the words spoken by Mrs. H, my fourth grade teacher, in front of the classroom on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving – oh so many years ago. Her words never left me. And like so many people this time of year, I find myself reflecting on all the reasons I am so very g…


Understanding OCD

OCD, Gemm Learning

Every time Sheldon Cooper, a main character on the Big Bang Theory, knocks three times on a door while repeating the occupant’s name, laughter follows. In the real world, people who like things a certain way or clean up frequently are often referred to, by themselves and others, as having OCD, as though it’s an amusing personality type. But OCD is not an amusing quirk or fodder for punchline…


There’s More to ADHD Than Hyperactivity


Most individuals are familiar with the term Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). We often associate this neurodevelopmental disorder with images of students having difficulty sitting still, who are impulsive, and potentially disruptive in controlled settings. While it is true that some individuals with ADHD exhibit these symptoms at times, many do not.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivit…


Responding to Your Child’s Report Card

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For many, fall means it’s time for the first report card of the school year. Whether it’s recently come home or expected soon, chances are the milestone is accompanied by a fair amount of expectation and emotion for all parties involved. As a child, I remember the anticipation and wanting to rush home and share the information with my parents afterwards. It didn’t occur to me to consider h…


What is ABA?

ABA, young boy, Autism, Gemm Learning

A number of interventions and treatments are frequently recommended for individuals with Autism. After comprehensive evaluation, health professionals often suggest a combination of methods in order to address each child’s unique needs. During our last blog, a parent and colleague mentioned not fully understanding one of these treatments, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) before her son began servi…


Autism and Parenting: One Mother’s Journey

Gemm Learning, Autism, Parenting

Melissa is a married mother of three. She worked as a long-term substitute for a resource teacher and the Director of Education for a learning center in New York before joining Gemm Learning. Her middle child, Tommy, is nonverbal and was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at age 2 and ½. I recently spoke with Melissa about the joys, challenges, and lessons learned. She spoke candidly…