Empowering Parents with Information

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The abundance of challenges facing learners of all ages can be overwhelming. We know so much today about learning styles, medical, physical, and emotional concerns that can impact success. Family history, birth weight or trauma, repeated ear infections, injury, diet, vision or hearing impairment, and focus are just a small sampling of these factors. Consequently, we recognize that showing up, pa…


Primitive Reflexes Explained

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Newborn babies instinctively squeeze tightly when a finger is placed in their hand. They suck for food when presented with the nipple from a bottle or breast and push outward when a solid object touches the tongue. These are primitive reflexes and serve an essential purpose: they promote survival. Most are observable at birth or shortly afterwards and diminish between the second month and first …


Understanding Language Processing Disorders

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Language processing disorders impact the way an individual receives or delivers information. Whether it’s difficulty understanding what’s been said and/or communicating thoughts and ideas, the end result is the same. The message is unclear. This lack of clarity can lead to social and academic challenges that impact development. As with all learning issues, early identification and intervention…


Reading Challenges Can Hinder Math Achievement

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In talking with people about learning challenges, especially regarding younger students, I often hear that an individual is struggling in reading, but doing fine or excelling in math. We all have our strengths and challenges and subjects that capture our interest more than others. But reading difficulties will likely impact all academic content eventually, including math.

Although few formal st…


How Can You Help Your Child Become a Writer?

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Students of differing ability and needs levels often approach writing with the same amount of anxiety and trepidation. The act of putting your thoughts and experiences on paper or creating a story for others to view can be intimidating. There’s an uncertainty attached to the final outcome that can affect all learners. As a friend recently explained, “Writing is the act of creating a work of …


Does Your Child Need a Learning Intervention?

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The beginning of the holiday season typically means the first conferences and report cards have come and gone. There’s a familiarity with the classroom routine, work expectations, and student-teacher dynamic. For some, learning concerns are now in the forefront. As the impact of these concerns becomes more observable, it is important to consider alternatives. After all, the sooner learning iss…