Acknowledge the Difficulty While Encouraging the Effort

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“The existence of your neighbor’s pain is not dependent upon your belief in it.” –  Jesse Williams

Although it’s been several years since I came upon this quote online, the words still resonate daily. I am reminded of their significance as my observations, feelings, and choices are questioned by individuals with different experiences. I am reminded when a factual recounting of events i…


For Struggling Readers Change Is Possible

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At some point in your day you will probably brush your teeth, button clothing, make a call, or walk, ride or drive to another location. Will you stop to think about the steps needed to carry out each task beforehand or is it just something you do? Maybe you’ll take a shower, read or type information on an electronic device, or look both ways before crossing the street. You might even go swimmi…


Back to School Social Concerns: Keep Calm and Be Kind

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The new school year is quickly approaching. Parents and children are undoubtedly beginning to prepare for what’s to come. There are the familiar routines of viewing class lists or schedules, shopping for clothing and school supplies, and adjusting morning and nighttime routines. There are also discussions with peers and parents about the teachers, which classes will be shared with friends, and…


Addressing Attention Concerns in Class and at Home

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There are three types of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD: inattentive, hyperactive-impulsive, and combined. Inattentive ADHD is often overlooked or left untreated and is more common in girls than boys. Symptoms include difficulty with organization, following directions, recalling and understanding information, frequent daydreams, becoming bored or distracted easily, and switchin…


5 Study Habits to Avoid

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Preparing for an assessment can mean added stress for parent and child. It can include arguments, tears, and frustration about what to review or where to find information. For some it’s often a lengthy and dreaded process in which the end result doesn’t reflect the tremendous time and effort involved. And the more this occurs, the less likely the student is to feel hopeful about the potentia…


Childhood Depression and Anxiety

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Feelings of isolation and despair are not limited to those who display them openly. We often look at people who are alone or have trouble making friends and assume unhappiness. In the same way, those who appear social, excel at a sport or skill, receive lots of positive attention, or have no shortage of friends and family are viewed as content and enviable. But these are inaccurate, surface leve…