What A Child with APD Hears and Sees … All Day Long

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Does your child have an APD diagnosis? And if so, have you ever wondered what your child’s day is like?  This article gives you a couple of ways to get a true sense of how a brain works, especially when it struggles to process what’s heard.

APD. sometimes also called CAPD, central auditory processing disorder is a difficulty in processing sound.  Children with APD generally have good hear…


Ten Surprising Consequences of Executive Functioning Difficulties

executive functioning, executive function skills, gemm learning

Is your child or teen having trouble making decisions, planning, actively listening, managing information, switching tasks or even remembering to hand in homework? That sounds like they may have difficulty with executive functioning and self-regulation, which centers on controlling behavior, emotion and cognition. They’re crucial life skills that equip people to get along with others, focus, set…


Making the Most of Mid-Winter Break for Your Child’s Learning

mid-winter break

North American students are coming up for their mid-Winter break in February. It’s just a week, so what can you do as a parent of a child with learning disabilities to keep them on track yet make the most of the break?
An Uphill Battle with Holiday Brain?
You’ve no doubt heard that holidays can dint IQ levels. Actually, it’s not just holidays. According to a CNN report, IQ levels have be…


How to Help Your Pre-schooler Prepare for Kindergarten

Preschooler Prepare for Kindergarten

As a parent, you’re no doubt aware that school is a whole different ball game for your pre-schooler.

It’s a huge change, says Andreas Schleicher, the OECD’s Director for education and skills[1].

“For many children … [transition to school] a big cultural change – in the people surrounding them, the ways in which they interact, their number of peers, the types of activities they ar…


Getting Your Reluctant Teen With Dyslexia to Read Fiction and Why It Matters

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Your teen may be one of the 8.5 million American students with dyslexia.

The teen years are white hot with peer pressure. So, is it worth nudging your teen with dyslexia to read more fiction? Chances are their peers read, so your child might be missing out on connecting more deeply with them, popular culture and a swag of other benefits that reading fiction offers.

But first, the accepted in…


Tips For Helping Your Child With Homework

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Your school-age child could be spending five to 12 hours – even more – on homework each week. So, here’s how to use that time to improve their skills mastery, performance and even wellbeing.

Parental styles of involvement in their children’s homework could affect the latter’s performance and wellbeing, a study[1] has found. You want to guide, rather than hover and direct.