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About What It Takes To Help Your Struggling Child Become A Lifelong Learner

A good education cannot be measured in test scores or grades. It’s about lifelong learner, being curious and creative at work and always growing and learning at home. This requires mastery of reading and learning fundamentals and a love of learning.

And yet, very little of the school day beyond 2nd grade is spent on making sure the fundamentals of learning are in place.  The pressure of curriculum takes over and it becomes all about helping students keep us as best they can, not investing time in build a foundation.

In addition, love of learning — arguably the most important of all educational goals — has lost ground as a school priority.  Schools these days are all about measurable outcomes — curiosity and creativity are difficult to measure and so they are not taught or nurtured. Many children graduate burned out and turned off learning, their natural curiosity and creativity gone.

Our Mission

Since there is not much parents can do to change what happens in school, mastery of the fundamentals and nurturing a child’s love of learning must happen at home.

This blog helps parents of struggling learners focus on the right priorities for their child, which may not mesh with the pressures from the school or coincide with the direction of their parental peers and family.

Part of this is knowledge on avenues to explore to build the fundamentals, and part is knowledge that provides the confidence to resist associating learning with negative emotions, to take charge of their child’s educational well-being in this new world of accountability.

Offset The Negative Connections With Learning At School

Parents can protect their children from stressing out over endless “big” tests and busy-work homework.  They need to reconnect learning using activities that spark curiosity and creativity, exposing their children to the wonder and joy of learning.

Love of Learning Requires Mastery of Fundamentals

Fundamentals are being given the short shrift at schools. The need to meet ever-rising standards and to keep up with an over-loaded curriculum means schools are introducing content earlier and earlier, leaving less time for children to master the fundamentals.  Parents of children with learning issues are more and more on their own.