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Addressing Attention Concerns in Class and at Home

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There are three types of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD: inattentive, hyperactive-impulsive, and combined. Inattentive ADHD is often overlooked or left untreated and is more common in girls than boys. Symptoms include difficulty with organization, following directions, recalling and understanding information, frequent daydreams, becoming bored or distracted easily, and switchin…


Primitive Reflexes Explained

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Newborn babies instinctively squeeze tightly when a finger is placed in their hand. They suck for food when presented with the nipple from a bottle or breast and push outward when a solid object touches the tongue. These are primitive reflexes and serve an essential purpose: they promote survival. Most are observable at birth or shortly afterwards and diminish between the second month and first …


There’s More to ADHD Than Hyperactivity


Most individuals are familiar with the term Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). We often associate this neurodevelopmental disorder with images of students having difficulty sitting still, who are impulsive, and potentially disruptive in controlled settings. While it is true that some individuals with ADHD exhibit these symptoms at times, many do not.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivit…


Executive Function and Your Child

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Chances are you’ve heard the term executive function used in one way or another recently. Put simply, executive function is a set of mental skills that help you get things done. As awareness increases, more and more parents are considering whether or not executive function struggles apply to their children. It’s a difficult question, partly because many of the symptoms can be indicators of o…


From Struggling Reader to “A” Student

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Samuel is an extremely bright young man, who had always been a struggling reader. He has an excellent memory. If his teacher asked him a question, and he could respond orally, he exceeded expectations. But, if he had to read the questions himself or put an answer on paper, the results were very different. By 5th grade, Samuel’s reading and writing were at least two years below grade level. He …


Is ADHD Over-diagnosed and Over-treated?

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There are a number of differing opinions about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and ADHD treatment methods. Here are some of the facts:

ADHD is a behavioral brain disorder that starts in childhood and affects people of all ages. There are three types: inattentive, hyperactive-impulsive, and combined.
Inattentive ADHD is more common in girls than boys. It is often overlooked or le…