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The Effect of Music on Learning

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Imagine how much more stressful a lengthy car ride or traffic jam would be without our trusted stereo system. Music can help reduce anxiety, promote focus and calm, and even energize us. Many doctors play selected songs or genres of music while performing medical procedures. A number of athletes use headphones to play chosen songs before a game or competition to help tune out distractions, so th…


Understanding Language Processing Disorders

Language processing disorders, Gemm Learning

Language processing disorders impact the way an individual receives or delivers information. Whether it’s difficulty understanding what’s been said and/or communicating thoughts and ideas, the end result is the same. The message is unclear. This lack of clarity can lead to social and academic challenges that impact development. As with all learning issues, early identification and intervention…


Improving Auditory Processing Helped Benjamin In and Out of the Classroom

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Benjamin really didn’t like spelling. During home school lessons with his mother, he often became frustrated and mixed up vowel sounds. They tried a few different programs, working at a kindergarten level, though he was in second grade. But the mistakes and challenges continued. As a result, his mother began to suspect that Benjamin was having difficulty hearing.

Although Benjamin passed th…


Persistence Overcomes Academic Challenges: Georgia’s Story

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As parents, we all hope our children will be able to avoid too many academic challenges. Georgia’s mom began having concerns when her daughter was around 4 ½ years old. As she worked to help prepare Georgia for school, she noticed her daughter had a limited vocabulary and was unable to remember things. Their pediatrician didn’t seem concerned and suggested that the school would test her, if…


An Audiologist’s Insight Part II

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Gemm Learning provides learning programs that assist with the underlying causes of many reading struggles. Our primary program, Fast ForWord, focuses on auditory processing, sequencing, memory and attention skills.

The following is a continuation of our interview posted on November 16, 2016. It includes Dr. Lynn Sirow’s insight on hearing aids and assisted listening devices as well as recent …


Auditory Problems: An Audiologist’s Insight

assisted listening, auditory problems

As providers of Fast ForWord, a program that focuses on memory, attention, auditory processing and sequencing skills, we are always interested in learning more about the field of audiology. I recently spoke with Dr. Sirow about the warning signs and causes associated with auditory problems, advances in technology, and the impact of interventions.

Dr. Lynn Sirow has a PHD in audiology and over…