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Parent Guide to PARCC and PISA

As the debate rages over how best to improve American educational outcomes, two important acronyms come up a lot — PARCC and PISA.  Here is a quick explanation of both.

What is PARCC?
The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is a test developed by the learning conglomerate, Pearson. It attempts to measure higher-order learning as required by the Common Core…


The Educational Goal Posts Are Moving

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It used to be that all educational goals related to acquiring knowledge.  Scientia potestas est, knowledge is power.  There is even a charter school network called KIPP, Knowledge is Power Program, that draws on this famous Roman saying.

In many parts of the world, that is  no longer the case, and the US is moving in that direction also.

There are actually three types of education…


Reading Proficiency & the Common Core

Reading proficiency for elementary age children in the US has long been measured in words read per minute. But proficient reading is much more than that. As identified in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), students across all grade levels are now expected to read with comprehension and use critical thinking and abstract thinking in their reading practice.
Thinking and Reading


The Common Core Reading Comprehension Challenge

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Your child’s school is presently shifting to embrace all the changes of the Common Core Standards. And because these standards emphasize deep understanding and critical thinking, reading comprehension is now considered an essential facilitating skill, not an end point goal.  Reading comprehension almost most be mastered at an earlier age. Here’s a short list of how those changes will affe…


How the Common Core Affects Kids with Learning Disabilities

Address learning difficulties at home

There’s no doubt that the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) has caused some controversy. Educators across the nation are strongly in favor or against this attempt to create universal standards while at the same time changing the focus of education, moving away from memorization towards higher-order thinking.

While there are benefits and disadvantages to this colossal change, two things seem …


The Common Core: School Subjects As a Means to Critical Thinking

Guest blogger Claire M. De Sanctis, M.Ed., wrote the following response to our post on shifts in U.S. education through the Common Core Initiative.  We are taking this opportunity to share another view on education and the Common Core. Please comment if you’d like to join the conversation.
As an 80-year-old former classroom teacher of grades 3 through 11, I have experienced many changes broug…