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Persistence Overcomes Academic Challenges: Georgia’s Story

academic challenges, Gemm Learning

As parents, we all hope our children will be able to avoid too many academic challenges. Georgia’s mom began having concerns when her daughter was around 4 ½ years old. As she worked to help prepare Georgia for school, she noticed her daughter had a limited vocabulary and was unable to remember things. Their pediatrician didn’t seem concerned and suggested that the school would test her, if…


From Struggling Reader to “A” Student

Struggling reader young boy

Samuel is an extremely bright young man, who had always been a struggling reader. He has an excellent memory. If his teacher asked him a question, and he could respond orally, he exceeded expectations. But, if he had to read the questions himself or put an answer on paper, the results were very different. By 5th grade, Samuel’s reading and writing were at least two years below grade level. He …


Michael Merzenich Wins the Kavli Prize

michael merzenich is a neuroscience pioneer

Michael Merzenich, co-founder of Fast ForWord, has won the $1 million Kavli Prize in Neuroscience. The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, which administers the prize, announced earlier this month that Merzenich and two other researchers are being honored this year for their work on neuroplasticity.

Merzenich, along with Eve Marder and Carla Shatz, challenged the assumption that the bra…


Comparing Neurofeedback to Fast ForWord

Girl learning about neurofeedback

Parents of students with dyslexia, ADD or auditory processing disorder (APD) often look to a variety of therapies to help with these conditions. Learning about neurofeedback (or biofeedback, as it is also known) is one of the steps many take.

Neurofeedback measures electrical brain activity using an Electroencephalogram (EEG) via wires and small electrodes attached to the head. The EEG measur…


12 Compelling Reasons To Try Fast ForWord For Your Child

Fast ForWord software, and more recently the Fast ForWord app for the iPad, has been a leader in reading and cognitive learning software for 15+ years.

There is still a lack of familiarity, even skepticism, with the underlying science, i.e., that new neural pathways can be created and that those new pathways directly improve reading and learning abilities. However, the program’s results are h…


The Value of Brain Training For Reading

brain training helps reading

When a child has auditory processing disorder or language processing disorder parents will very often get specialist help and try to address the underlying deficit or delay. However, when confronted with a reading difficulty, quite often teachers and parents will simply work around it, trying to remediate the symptoms and failing to address the underlying cause of the problem.

This is the val…