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Thankful for 10 Years at Gemm Learning

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“We should be grateful 365 days per year. However, this time of year we should also reflect on why we are grateful.” Those were the words spoken by Mrs. H, my fourth grade teacher, in front of the classroom on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving – oh so many years ago. Her words never left me. And like so many people this time of year, I find myself reflecting on all the reasons I am so very g…


Improving Auditory Processing Helped Benjamin In and Out of the Classroom

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Benjamin really didn’t like spelling. During home school lessons with his mother, he often became frustrated and mixed up vowel sounds. They tried a few different programs, working at a kindergarten level, though he was in second grade. But the mistakes and challenges continued. As a result, his mother began to suspect that Benjamin was having difficulty hearing.

Although Benjamin passed th…


Persistence Overcomes Academic Challenges: Georgia’s Story

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As parents, we all hope our children will be able to avoid too many academic challenges. Georgia’s mom began having concerns when her daughter was around 4 ½ years old. As she worked to help prepare Georgia for school, she noticed her daughter had a limited vocabulary and was unable to remember things. Their pediatrician didn’t seem concerned and suggested that the school would test her, if…


From Struggling Reader to “A” Student

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Samuel is an extremely bright young man, who had always been a struggling reader. He has an excellent memory. If his teacher asked him a question, and he could respond orally, he exceeded expectations. But, if he had to read the questions himself or put an answer on paper, the results were very different. By 5th grade, Samuel’s reading and writing were at least two years below grade level. He …


Living With Dyslexia — Essay From Desiree’

In her essay, “Living with Dyslexia,” Gemm Learning’s 2016 Winter Dyslexia Scholarship recipient, Desiree’ McHellon, describes her early struggles with dyslexia, how she built confidence, and what she has learned from living with the disability.

One of my most significant life challenges has been overcoming dyslexia. I recall being diagnosed while in the second grade. At the time, I did not …


Quotes From Clients With Brain Injury

Increasingly, medical professionals and parents are turning to the Fast ForWord program in brain injury cases like strokes, meningitis, brain injury from accidents and for a number of neurological conditions.

While the goal in these cases is to move the needle, to make incremental progress, Fast ForWord, because of the unique intensity it can bring, has the potential to be the difference make…