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What Happens in Our Brains When We Read?

Reading and the brain

Reading is not natural, but for so many of us, the pieces fall into place and we do it automatically. Humans have evolved to read and it’s crucial to everyday life, but reading delay can happen to anyone.

Apart from being educational and informative, reading is one of the “healthiest” hobbies in the world. Research shows why. It:

Reduces stress
Can lower your heart rate and blood …


Acknowledge the Difficulty While Encouraging the Effort

effort, learning struggle, gemm learning

“The existence of your neighbor’s pain is not dependent upon your belief in it.” –  Jesse Williams

Although it’s been several years since I came upon this quote online, the words still resonate daily. I am reminded of their significance as my observations, feelings, and choices are questioned by individuals with different experiences. I am reminded when a factual recounting of events i…


Progress Is Possible

Academic progress, Gemm Learning

I recently spoke with the parent of a special needs child who has made significant gains using Fast ForWord. Some of this progress is in areas that she’d always been told would never improve. When I asked if she had any advice for other parents, she said, “I didn’t know that this was something that my child with Down Syndrome would be able to do, and he has.” As a result, she wanted othe…


Understanding Twice-Exceptional Students

twice-exceptional, gemm learning

When students excel in a particular area, we tend to notice. We recognize the need to foster their skills and strive to offer the appropriate resources and instruction. Expectations are set higher and the necessary support provided. When learning challenges persist, despite consistent targeted instruction, we tend to notice. We work with the child, educators, and other professionals to determine…


Empowering Parents with Information

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The abundance of challenges facing learners of all ages can be overwhelming. We know so much today about learning styles, medical, physical, and emotional concerns that can impact success. Family history, birth weight or trauma, repeated ear infections, injury, diet, vision or hearing impairment, and focus are just a small sampling of these factors. Consequently, we recognize that showing up, pa…


Does Your Child Need a Learning Intervention?

struggling student, learning intervention

The beginning of the holiday season typically means the first conferences and report cards have come and gone. There’s a familiarity with the classroom routine, work expectations, and student-teacher dynamic. For some, learning concerns are now in the forefront. As the impact of these concerns becomes more observable, it is important to consider alternatives. After all, the sooner learning iss…