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Empowering Parents with Information

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The abundance of challenges facing learners of all ages can be overwhelming. We know so much today about learning styles, medical, physical, and emotional concerns that can impact success. Family history, birth weight or trauma, repeated ear infections, injury, diet, vision or hearing impairment, and focus are just a small sampling of these factors. Consequently, we recognize that showing up, pa…


Does Your Child Need a Learning Intervention?

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The beginning of the holiday season typically means the first conferences and report cards have come and gone. There’s a familiarity with the classroom routine, work expectations, and student-teacher dynamic. For some, learning concerns are now in the forefront. As the impact of these concerns becomes more observable, it is important to consider alternatives. After all, the sooner learning iss…


Understanding OCD

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Every time Sheldon Cooper, a main character on the Big Bang Theory, knocks three times on a door while repeating the occupant’s name, laughter follows. In the real world, people who like things a certain way or clean up frequently are often referred to, by themselves and others, as having OCD, as though it’s an amusing personality type. But OCD is not an amusing quirk or fodder for punchline…


Dyslexia and Common Misconceptions

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Dyslexia is the most common language-based learning disability. However, it is frequently misunderstood. The term is often referenced beside descriptions of letter reversals and reading difficulty. But reversals are an unreliable indicator, challenges occur in varying degrees, and writing and speech are just as likely to be impacted. Dyslexia is characterized by a deficit in phonological awareness…


Parents Educate Themselves to Advocate for Their Children

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When a child is struggling, parents can sometimes feel as isolated as their children. As parents, we all want to help in every way we can. And so, we become experts in education. As parents, we educate ourselves. Individually, we learn how to navigate public, private and home-school assistance. We find the best possible programs for interventions. Often, we spend so much time focused on our chil…


Persistence Overcomes Academic Challenges: Georgia’s Story

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As parents, we all hope our children will be able to avoid too many academic challenges. Georgia’s mom began having concerns when her daughter was around 4 ½ years old. As she worked to help prepare Georgia for school, she noticed her daughter had a limited vocabulary and was unable to remember things. Their pediatrician didn’t seem concerned and suggested that the school would test her, if…