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What To Do When You’re Struggling With Numeracy Skills

Gemm Learning, Numeracy Skills

Almost one in 10 adults in the US struggle with basic math beyond third grade – that’s 36 million people – according to ProLiteracy, the world’s largest adult literacy and basic education membership advocacy organization.

Those one in 10 people struggle to read a train or bus timetable, create and follow a budget, or manage their credit card and much, much more. At work, they’ll be …


Childhood Depression and Anxiety

childhood depression, anxiety, gemm learning

Feelings of isolation and despair are not limited to those who display them openly. We often look at people who are alone or have trouble making friends and assume unhappiness. In the same way, those who appear social, excel at a sport or skill, receive lots of positive attention, or have no shortage of friends and family are viewed as content and enviable. But these are inaccurate, surface leve…


Gender Bias in the Classroom

gender bias, gemm learning

If I were to tell you that boys often receive more attention, praise, and encouragement in the classroom than girls, or that girls are usually quieter, talked over, and acknowledged for listening patiently rather than speaking up, would you be surprised?  Or would it simply reinforce what you already suspected or considered to be true? What if I told you that boys often receive lower grades for…


The Gift of the Public Library

Public Library, Gemm Learning, Reading for ages

Reading is not just a nice thing to do. It’s how we help give our children the best possible start in life. This quote by Hillary Clinton during a recent speech at the American Libraries Conference got me thinking.

Laura Bush once referred to libraries as “community treasure chests, loaded with a wealth of information available to everyone equally”. While this remains true today, technolo…


Brain Change and Potential for Growth

brain change, gemm learning

At Gemm Learning we often refer to brain plasticity when speaking to families. It is the reason our software has been so effective as well as the inspiration for its creation. Miriam-Webster defines neuroplasticity or brain plasticity as the brain’s ability to adapt and change throughout life. This means that the capacity to learn is not static and that new pathways will form to adjust to cha…


A 75 Year Old Overcomes Her Lifelong Struggle With Dyslexia

Adult Literacy Gemm Learning Case Study

For most of her life, Sandy was only able to read at a 4th grade level. She considered herself “almost a nonreader” as a result.  She didn’t enjoy reading. Though to her credit, she always worked hard at it. She sought alternative activities where extensive reading wasn’t a necessity. Despite her struggles with adult literacy, Sandy earned a degree in home economics. She ran her own s…