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5 Study Habits to Avoid

study habits

Preparing for an assessment can mean added stress for parent and child. It can include arguments, tears, and frustration about what to review or where to find information. For some it’s often a lengthy and dreaded process in which the end result doesn’t reflect the tremendous time and effort involved. And the more this occurs, the less likely the student is to feel hopeful about the potentia…


Childhood Depression and Anxiety

childhood depression, anxiety, gemm learning

Feelings of isolation and despair are not limited to those who display them openly. We often look at people who are alone or have trouble making friends and assume unhappiness. In the same way, those who appear social, excel at a sport or skill, receive lots of positive attention, or have no shortage of friends and family are viewed as content and enviable. But these are inaccurate, surface leve…


Stress-Free Reading for the Summer

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How can we encourage stress-free reading? Parents of frustrated learners often share with us that their children dislike reading and avoid doing so when not required. These students can put in tremendous effort, in and outside of the classroom, aimed at improving and achieving their goals, without seeing the desired results. Wanting to focus more on less stressful activities that are more likely…


Gender Bias in the Classroom

gender bias, gemm learning

If I were to tell you that boys often receive more attention, praise, and encouragement in the classroom than girls, or that girls are usually quieter, talked over, and acknowledged for listening patiently rather than speaking up, would you be surprised?  Or would it simply reinforce what you already suspected or considered to be true? What if I told you that boys often receive lower grades for…


Making the Most of Summer Vacation

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For students with learning challenges, summer vacation may come with a sigh of relief. For some, it can signal a welcome break from the familiar cycle of effort not matching results. It can mean a temporary reprieve from watching peers respond with confidence and accuracy to assignments or instructions that inspire confusion and trepidation.  It can also mean removal from the spotlight they fee…


Understanding Twice-Exceptional Students

twice-exceptional, gemm learning

When students excel in a particular area, we tend to notice. We recognize the need to foster their skills and strive to offer the appropriate resources and instruction. Expectations are set higher and the necessary support provided. When learning challenges persist, despite consistent targeted instruction, we tend to notice. We work with the child, educators, and other professionals to determine…